These are the best cleaning product for bathrooms* (*SPOILER: not necessarily labelled as 'bathroom cleaners')

Looking for the best cleaning product for bathrooms? We share our tried and tested – they may surprise you

best cleaning product for bathrooms
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What is the best cleaning product for bathrooms? There are so many cleaning products out there that it can be tempting to just pick whichever one is at eye level on the shelf at the supermarket. We'll tell you a secret though: at least a couple of our team at Real Homes actually quite enjoy regularly deep-cleaning their bathrooms, and the products they use aren't even necessarily bathroom-specific. 

One thing we don't advise using in the bathroom is baking soda. It can work a treat in kitchens, but in the bathroom, we've found that using it on its own leaves streaks on tiles and enamelled surfaces, especially in hard water areas. 

Want a list of dedicated cleaning products for your bathroom? Browse our buyer's guide to bathroom cleaners. If you've already tried them all or want something a bit different, read on.

1. Best all-round cleaner with a delicious scent: Method Anti-Bac Wild Rhubarb 

We can't even begin to explain how much we love the fruity-fresh smell of this all-purpose cleaner by Method. And, we've found it surprisingly effective in the bathroom, cutting through grout grime and leaving all surfaces sparkling. And that beautiful smell just makes cleaning so much more pleasant. Yes, Method do also make a dedicated bathroom cleaner, but for some weird reason, we prefer the performance of the all-purpose cleaner. And we can use it to clean the kitchen afterwards, which saves on having to use a separate product – better for the planet too having a multi-purpose product. 

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2. Best alternative to bathroom cleaners: the e-cloth

If you don't like buying plastic bottles of cleaner, or want to save money, or both, we urge you to give the e-cloth a go. We've found it the best option by far for everyday bathroom cleaning. Rather than constantly spraying your bathtub with cleaning products, try dampening an e-cloth and giving it a quick wipe. It not only cleans but also removes bacteria. Pop it in a hot wash every couple of months, and it should last you years. 

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3. The best cleaner for shiny tiles: Earth Friendly Products Shower Cleaner

This is an old favourite we've used for years and years. Nothing else we've tried gives quite the same squeaky-clean, shiny look after cleaning, and it contains tea tree oil, which is antibacterial and deodorising. This is a natural and biodegradable cleaner, too, which is a bonus. 

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