A weighted blanket helps you sleep and reduces stress – here's why, and the best buys

The weighted blanket is getting quite the hype right now, but what does it actually do? And where can you get one on sale? We've got the low down...

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The weighted blanket is getting quite a bit of attention at the moment. We have seen them popping up in the news, on our social media and some of our favourite stores have started stocking them too. But what exactly is a weighted blanket? And is it time to invest in one? Keep scrolling for all the info...

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What is a weighted blanket?

Well, honestly? They are exactly what they sound like: a heavy blanket. You can buy them in a range of weights starting from around 5kg and and going up to 12kg, depending on the weight of the person who will be using the blanket. Most models are filled with plastic or glass beads and microfibre padding to add the extra weight and extra softness. 

The theory behind them is that the added pressure will create a feeling of calm and –  in a non-scary way – they also stop you moving as much in your sleep, so you are less likely to be disturbed. 

Traditionally, weighted blankets were used for children with disorders like autism or ADHD to calm them while they slept. But now they have become much more widespread and can be used to calm anxious adults, to soothe those with sleeping problems or just to create a more comfortable and cosy bedroom set up.

Tranquility weighted blanket at Target

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Where can you buy the best weighted blanket?

There is definitely a weighted blanket hype going on at the moment, which started in the US back in 2017 when Kickstart company Gravity Blanket raised a massive $4 million on its campaign. But now it looks like the UK is clocking on to their calming abilities and we are starting to see an increase in popularity over here, too. 

So, if you think there is a weighted blanked shaped hole in your life, here is our pick of the best (for the best prices)...

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