Love Magnolia Home? These Walmart home décor pieces rival the high-end brand

Attention all Joanna Gains fans: this Walmart home décor dupes her home collection — at a fraction of the cost.

walmart home décor pieces for farmhouse kitchen inspiration
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Joanna Gaines and Walmart home décor are two phrases I never thought I'd hear in the same sentence, but fortunately for us, there is a first-time for everything. 

See, Joanna Gaines — and her brand: Magnolia Home — is recognized for combining rustic with industrial or farmhouse vintage pieces. You'll spot one of the best dining room tables paired with a glam accent to elevate the style and give it a more modernized feel. Gaines is the queen of hi-low, and you know who else is? Walmart. 

Walmart — and so many Walmart home décor items — can similarly achieve the same farmhouse-inspired aesthetic Joanna Gaines is notable for with one huge difference: it won't break the bank. Walmart's moderately priced furniture and home essentials are moderately priced, and the best part? 

We found five Walmart home décor pieces that are dead-ringers for Magnolia's Homes'. Don't believe us? Continue scrolling to see. 

1. This antique bed frame

Splurge: Magnolia Home Walker Dresser

Magnolia Home Walker Dresser

(Image credit: Magnolia Market)

Save: Walmart's South Shore Versa 8-Drawer Double Dresser

Walmart south shore dresser

(Image credit: Walmart)

2. This gold-plated mirror

Splurge: Magnolia Home Payton Mirror 

Magnolia home payton mirror

(Image credit: Magnolia Home)

2. Save: Walmart's Better Homes & Gardens Gold Metal Round Wall Mirror

Walmart home décor pieces mirror

(Image credit: Walmart)

3. This tripod floor lamp

Splurge: Magnolia Home's Tullio Floor Lamp

Magnolia home tullio floor lamp

(Image credit: Magnolia Home)

Save: Walmart's Better Homes & Gardens Bronze Tripod Floor Lamp

Walmart home décor pieces lamp

(Image credit: Walmart)

4. This gorgeously gold leaner mirror

Magnolia Home Sasha Floor mirror

(Image credit: Magnolia Home)

Save: Walmart's NeuType Full-Length Mirror

Walmar home décor pieces for walls

(Image credit: Walmart)

5. This rounded dining room table

Splurge: Magnolia's Nora Round Table 

Magnolia dining table

(Image credit: Magnolia Home)

Save: Walmart's Baxton Studio Kenji Modern Round Dining Table

Walmart home décor pieces table

(Image credit: Walmart)
Brittany Romano
Brittany Romano

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