So Real Homes: enhancing space in a Victorian home with a kitchen extension

Sian Astley talks to Instagrammer Dee Campling about her spacious, light-filled kitchen extension and discusses the obstacles to creating the space

Dee Campling and Sian Astley in Dee's kitchen behind load-bearing wall
(Image credit: Matt Gibbs)

Much as we love our Victorian properties in the UK, they don't always lend themselves to the bright open-space living style many of us long for. However, Instagrammer Dee Campling is well known for her light, bright Scandi style home and was not going to settle with a small, dark kitchen in her period home.

The solution was a well-planned kitchen extension, including a dining space and adjoining utility room. Here, she shows property expert Sian Astley around her beautiful, family kitchen and explains how they have worked round a load-bearing pillar to zone the space.

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