Best toaster: 2020's tastiest toasters

Buy one of these best toasters to kit your kitchen out in style, and toast your bread, bagels, crumpets and more!

Best toaster: bread popped up from toaster
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Redecorating your kitchen? Buy the best toaster around and wake up to crispy crumpets for breakfast, enjoy a perfectly toasted sourdough sandwich for lunch or munch on a smoked salmon bagel that's toasted to perfection for dinner. 

Our top six toaster picks include budget models along with four-slice toasters, two-slice toasters and family-friendly models. Keep scrolling to see them.

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What is the best toaster?

We love Dualit’s Classic four-slot, which now comes in a new collection of colours. Its parts are either fully repairable or replaceable – so you never need buy another toaster again, and it’s handmade in the UK, too.

These are the rest of our top picks and top toaster retailers, below. Keep scrolling for the full reviews.

  • Best 4 slice toaster: Dualit Classic toaster
  • Best toaster for large slices: Tefal Loft toaster
  • Best 2 slice toaster: Smeg TSF01 Toaster
  • Best cheap toaster: Russell Hobbs Inspire toaster
  • Best family toaster: Kenwood Mesmerine toaster
  • Best toaster for reheating: Morphy Richards Accents toaster

The best toasters you can buy right now

Best 4 slice toaster: Dualit classic four-slot toaster

(Image credit: Dualit)

1. Dualit classic four-slot toaster

Best 4 slice toaster: industrial styling with a hint of retro cool

Finish: Evergreen
Dimensions: H21cm x W36cm x D22cm
Reasons to buy
+Fully repairable or replaceable parts for lifetime use+Hand built in the UK+ProHeat® elements are virtually unbreakable+It’s easy to keep clean+Toasts bread more evenly+A manual ejector puts you in charge
Reasons to avoid
-Pricey compared to other models-There’s no cancel button

This classic Dualit four-slice Classic toaster comes from an iconic British brand and is now available in the new Naturals collection, which also includes matching kettles. The new colours are curated in collaboration with colour and trend forecaster Anna Starmer and comprises four hues inspired by nature. This four-slice model is packed with innovative features and functions to make life simpler every day.

ProHeat® elements
These benefit from a protective natural mineral layer (Mica) that covers the filaments, making them virtually unbreakable and easy to keep clean.  The extra ‘winds per square cm’ on the ProHeat® Elements ensure that bread is toasted more evenly. 

High-lift lever
This is handy for removing smaller slices and things like little muffins or crumpets that don’t always pop up properly to reach.

Flexible functions
These include a defrost setting, so you can add frozen slices – ideal for when you run out of a fresh loaf.

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Best toaster for large slices: Tefal Loft Four-Slice Toaster

(Image credit: Tefal)

2. Tefal Loft Four-Slice Toaster

Best toaster for large slices: versatile design with extra wide slots for bread, bagels and crumpets

Finish: Blue, black, white, red or cream
Dimensions: H18.8cm x W28.1cm x D29.9cm
Reasons to buy
+Has wider slots so it can toast thickly sliced bread+It’s also great for bagels and crumpets+Includes defrost, reheat and stop settings+Looks stunning on the worktop+Toasts enough in one go for the whole family+Allows you to grab smaller items thanks to the high-lift lever
Reasons to avoid
-Some say it takes a while to heat up-Quite pricey

Tefal’s Loft breakfast set includes this toaster and matching kettle, which look fantastic on the worktop and can be used to give the kitchen an instant refresh. Inspired by traditional British ceramics, the toaster comes with all sorts of handy features designed to make breakfast and suppers quick and easy. This is a great model for families, as the four-slot design makes plenty of toast for all the family while the seven browning levels will keep everyone happy.

Extra wide slots
Ideal for thin and thicker loaves, as well as bulkier items such as bagels, crumpets and muffins. 

Additional settings
Thanks to the defrost, reheat and stop settings, you can control your toast easily and decide how brown to make it, as well as putting it on pause while you get on with other things, then reheating it when you’re ready.

High-lift lever
How many times have you got your fingers burnt by trying to fish out smaller slices or little muffins? With the high-lift lever, you get quick and easy access without the worry of scalding.

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Best 2 slice toaster: Smeg TSF01 Toaster

(Image credit: Smeg)

3. Smeg TSF01 Toaster

Best 2 slice toaster: bring a touch of bling to your worktop with this metallic stunner

Finish: Gold or Rose Gold
Dimensions: H19.8cm x W31cm x D19.5cm
Reasons to buy
+The eye-catching metallic finish+Extra wide and deep slots+The six browning levels+Toasts thickly cut and artisan breads+A bagel setting is ideal for lunches+Adds a luxury touch to the kitchen
Reasons to avoid
-The high price tag-It’s quite chunky so takes up more room on the worktop

With a Rose Gold finish exclusive to Currys and Smeg’s London store, and a Gold finish that’s available nationwide, Smeg’s latest small appliance offering is this stunning TSF01 two-slice toaster. It’s ideal for thin and thick cuts of toast as well as chunkier bagels and English muffins. As well as six browning levels, allowing you to select your perfect slice, there are also four functions for defrost, reheat, cancel and bagels.

Bagel setting
Not all toasters come with this extra feature, which is ideal for lunchtimes – think smoked salmon and cream cheese spread thickly on a toasted slice – or breakfasts with bananas or chocolate spread.

Illuminated dial
While you’re using the toaster, the dial lights up, which is great for those who find traditional controls difficult to see or if your toaster is relegated to a dark corner of the worktop.

Crumb tray
A touch-release removable stainless steel crumb tray is easy to take out and empty into the bin.

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Best cheap toaster: Russell Hobbs Inspire Four-Slice Toaster

(Image credit: Russell Hobbs)

4. Russell Hobbs Inspire Four-Slice Toaster

Best cheap toaster: a great all-rounder with a rippled, textured finish

Finish: White, black, red, cream or grey
Dimensions: H19.5cm x W29.8cm x D29.5cm
Reasons to buy
+The choice of colours+Affordable price tag+Variable browning+Helps you reach smaller items with the extra lift+Cleans easily thanks to removable crumb trays+Toasts frozen slices
Reasons to avoid
-Some complain that it takes a while to heat up-You have to use the same browning setting for all slots

The Russell Hobbs Inspire is a stylish looking toaster that comes in a choice of colours, we love this crisp white and stainless steel version with a textured rippled finish. It’s large enough for the whole family and comes with a host of features including variable browning, frozen, cancel and reheat settings.

Defrost option
No need to worry if you’ve run out of a fresh loaf, as you can keep one tucked away in the freezer and simply pop a frozen slice in this toaster.

Cancel button
Stop toast from burning if you have the variable setting on too high thanks to the handy cancel button.

Reheat setting
Pop your toast in, then if you’re not quite ready to eat it when ready, you can use the reheat setting to warm it up at a time that suits you. Great for those in a hurry or who get waylaid doing other things during breakfast.

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Best family toaster: Kenwood Mesmerine Four-Slot Toaster

(Image credit: Kenwood)

5. Kenwood Mesmerine Four-Slot Toaster

Best family toaster: awarded the Red Dot Design Award 2019

Finish: Stardust Black, Pearl White, Marine Blue, Burned Orange, Deep Red or Rich Plum
Dimensions: H22cm x W27cm x D27cm
Reasons to buy
+Makes a bold statement+Easy to keep clean thanks to its smooth finish+Matching kettle also available+Makes plenty of toast for all the family+Toasts just the way you like it with six browning levels+Defrosts frozen bread before toasting
Reasons to avoid
-Quite expensive for what it is-Nothing fancy in terms of features

This new Mesmerine toaster from Kenwood comes in an eye-catching textured finish, which is still smooth to the touch so it’s easy to clean. There are six browning levels for extra choice as well as a high-rise lever to remove smaller pieces of bread. Added functions include a defrost and cancel button and a bagel feature.

3D texture
As well as a choice of different colours, Kenwood’s new toaster also has a textured pattern finish for an eye-catching addition to the worktop.

Bagel function
This handy option means bagels are toasted on the outside but still soft in the middle.

Push crumb tray
A removable crumb tray is simple to remove and empty into the bin as well as being easy to clean.

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Best toaster for reheating: Morphy Richards Accents Four-Slice Toaster

(Image credit: Morphy Richards)

6. Morphy Richards Accents Four-Slice Toaster

Best toaster for reheating: stunning looking design that will add wow to worktops

Finish: Blue and Rose Gold
Dimensions: H20.6cm x W28cm x D28cm
Reasons to buy
+The stunning finish and design+It has a bagel button+And it can toast from frozen+Allows you to reheat when you’re ready+Puts you in control of how brown you want your toast+Keeps things tidy with cord storage
Reasons to avoid
-May be quite bulky on a smaller worktop area

This on-trend Accents toaster is new from Morphy Richards and features a matt painted stainless steel body with rose gold details. It comes with reheat and defrost functions as well as variable browning control, a removable crumb tray, bagel button, reheat and cancel as well as a high-lift lever for smaller items.

High-lift lever
Ideal for retrieving smaller slices of bread as well as things like muffins and crumpets.

Reheat button
Sometimes you toast a couple of slices but you only have time to grab one, or maybe you pop the toast on, but no one’s downstairs yet ready to eat, so this option is great for reheating at a time to suit you.

Frozen bread setting
Keep a loaf in the freezer and you’ll never run out of toast in the morning again.

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How to buy the best toaster

Design and finish
Consider whether you want your toaster to make a statement on the worksurface or whether you want it to blend in. Most of us keep it out on the worktop at all times, so you need to make sure it will comfortably fit. Take a note of the dimensions of the one you fancy and check that there’s enough space. The latest designs come in everything from on-trend metallic finishes to crisp clean whites and pops of bright colour.

Slot size
Do you need a four-slot toaster to feed the whole family or would two slots do? Bear in mind that four-slice models will take up more room on the worktop but they are handy for when you need to toast four items at the same time. Look for extra wide slots to cope with thicker breads or artisan loaves. A bagel setting is also a handy feature to look out for.

Added benefits
When you want to make breakfast time run smoothly, choose a toaster with a reheat function so you can warm up the toast when it’s ready to be eaten, as well as a defrost option for toasting straight from frozen.