We tried the pumpkin planter trend – here's how to make one yourself

Pumpkins aren't just for candles, clearly. Use your pumpkin as a planter this year and pop some cute succulents inside. Here's how to make yours...

Pumpkin planters: pumpkin with succulents inside on shelf
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Bought a few too many pumpkins this year? Hate carving them? It is, admittedly, a fiddly job and there's only a certain amount of pumpkins you can carve until it gets a bit boring. What else to do with them? You could try turning them into planters. We've actually done this ourselves, and it took less than 20 minutes. Save this page and do it with the kids during half term. Or, if you have everything already, get to it today.

What do you need to make your own pumpkin planter? Simply enough, a pumpkin, a few succulents (or plants!) and some soil. You probably have this stuff laying around already (we did). And this is probably one of the easiest things to do with a pumpkin, ever. It should also last for a while. A great addition to your Halloween dining table, or even for your porch –  we just love this hack! 

Get your home ready for Halloween – inside and out – and dig into this DIY. Or, check out more no carve pumpkin ideas.

Pumpkin planter on thick chunky knit blanket

(Image credit: Future)

Pumpkin planter how to: 5 easy steps

  1. Pick your pumpkin! Choose its size depending on how many succulents you have, as well as how much soil you want to use.
  2. Cut around the top, take it off and scoop out the inside – save this for cooking!
  3. Fill with soil, almost to the top.
  4. Plant individual succulents inside.
  5. Fill in the gaps with cuttings of artificial succulents.

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