7 keto instant pot recipes – low carb, serious flavor and super easy to make

If you're new to keto and want some recipe inspiration, we can help. Try these keto instant pot recipes out and enjoy easy meals that are full of flavor

delicious instant pot keto meal
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Whatever flavors you're into, one of these delicious keto instant pot recipes are sure to inspire this year's health kick. All full of nutrients and protein, super gourmet and really easy to make – thanks to your instant pot or slow cooker – these are a must to try if you're following a ketogenic diet.

Because let's be real, we're going to be missing carbs, but what's great about these recipes is that they are so delicious and filling, that you won't feel like you're missing out... They've been created by experts in the field also, so you can trust that when it comes to taste, they will be top notch.

What even is keto? 

A ketogenic diet is a low carb and high fat diet that plan that many use to not just lose weight but for its wealth of health benefits also. Similar to Atkins, while here there are different variations of the diet available, so that you can fit it around your lifestyle a little more easily. The following keto instant pot recipes will show you the kind of meals you can make when on this type of eating plan. 

1. Keto instant pot mac and cheese

instant pot keto mac n cheese

(Image credit: InstantPot.com)

We told you that you wouldn't feel like you were missing out. A favorite meal for households everywhere, make this keto mac and cheese in your instant pot using cauliflower in replacement of the pasta and get ready for an incredible meal for a cozy night in.

2. Keto instant pot spaghetti squash

spaghetti squash with meat sauce

(Image credit: InstantPot)

It doesn't get more comforting that spaghetti bolognese and this keto variation created in a crock pot by Instant Pot is a gorgeous recipe that the whole family will love.

3. Keto crock pot chilli

chilli recipe

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Wholesome Yum is a great recipe creator and sticks to low carb, easy to make dishes. Her keto instant pot chilli is no exception, check out the recipe

4. Keto instant pot sausage pizza soup

This recipe sounds like a party of flavors, and we're game. Ready in under 20 minutes and full of tasty meatballs, fresh tomatoes, herbs and spices, we will definitely be adding this recipe from the Whole Kitchen Sink to our dinner or even lunch menu.

5. Keto chicken soup with lime

chunky chicken lime soup

(Image credit: instantpot)

Perfect for chilli January days or for when you want something a little lighter, instant pot chicken soup with lime is super fresh tasting and zingy for a real flavor hit when you need it most. Find the recipe at Instant Pot.

6. The Whole Kitchen Sink's slow cooker keto buffalo chicken 

You can tell it's delicious just by the name, and slow cooking chicken makes it super tender so it's a great way to make use of this nutritious meat that is very much allowed on keto. Try out the Whole Kitchen Sink's recipe

7. Instant pot keto beef and brocoli 

This stew like recipe is a breeze to make and brocoli is a low carb veg which is really nutritious and flavorsome. Pair this with slow cooker beef and you're in business.

  • Do of course speak to your doctor ahead of making any big changes to your diet and to understand whether keto will suit your health concerns.