Wall planters: how to DIY an indoor plant wall

Want to DIY your own wall planters? Check out this easy step-by-step guide...

How to DIY wall planters
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Wall planters have been popular in design-conscious households for ages. Every Instagram famous home has some kind of living wall or expansive collection of hanging house plants and we want in on this long-lived trend.

But how to get the look on a budget? DIY a wall planter yourself, obviously*. This is the perfect weekend project, whether the weather's good or bad, it's super quick to do and inexpensive. And we love love love the end result (very Instagrammable, might we add)...

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You will need:

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Step one: Plan your wall planter's design 

Before you start making your wall planter, plan out where you want your plants to sit on the wire board – or wall if you're fixing direct to the surface. Think about the height of the plants that you want in each crate; you want to make sure they have enough space to grow without looking cramped. Use our indoor garden guide for inspiration.

If you aren't blessed with green fingers, you could always use fake plants or go and check out our guide to everything you need to know about common house plants – maybe you will surprise yourself and keep them alive for more than a week.  

How to DIY wall planters step one

Step one: Plan your design 

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Step two: measure the planter's straps

Thread the leather roll or canvas around the crate, and loop it behind the wire rack. Pull it tight until the wooden crate sits nicely against the rack. Once you’re satisfied with the positioning, overlap both ends of the straps by a good 5cm, and cut off the excess with a utility knife. Repeat this twice for every crate. 

If you are doing without the wire rack, you'll need to position the straps with the crates in place and mark on the wall where you want to drill and screw. You'll need an extra pair of hands to help with this.

How to DIY wall planters step two

Step two: measure the straps

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Step three: secure the straps in place

Move the small crates out of the way so you can secure the straps. To do this, use the hole puncher pliers, punch a hole into the centre of where the two ends of the straps overlap. Then secure the straps using one of the screw rivets. Repeat this process for all your crates.

If you're fixing direct to the wall, use the hole punch to make the holes for the wall screws to go through.

How to DIY wall planters step three

Step three: secure the straps in place

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Step four: position the planter crates

You should now have the wire rack with your secured leather straps in place; or your straps screwed directly to the wall. Now you can place your crates in between the leather straps. If you're using a wire rack, shuffle round the leather straps so the rivets are underneath the crates.

How to DIY wall planters step four

Step four: position the crates

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Step five: add plants to your new wall planter

The final step in creating your wall planter is to add in your greenery. Just make sure you plant up your foliage in sealed pots first to avoid any leakage. If you need inspiration just check out our guide to the best indoor plants to add some wow-factor greenery to your walls.

How to DIY wall planters step five

Step five: add plants to your new wall planter

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*DIY step by step thanks to Furniture Choice

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