DIY chalkboard Mason jar labels: how to turn old jars into stylish storage

Get your kitchen organised with this DIY storage jar hack...

DIY storage jar hack with chalkpaint spray
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We have never hidden the fact that we are hoarders of glass jars – Mason jars, Kilner jars, pasta sauce jars, we just have a hard time letting them go. Some part of us seems to believe that one day, that nicely shaped Dolmio jar will come in handy, so we store it under the sink for our future selves to get crafty with. Well, turns out today is that day folks, because we have just found the easiest storage jar DIY hack out there*. It's literally four steps and the result is super cute...

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Ready to go? Keep reading to find out how, with the with the help of Rust-Oleum chalkboard spray paint, you can DIY some stylish chalkboard Mason jar labels to transform your stash of glass jars into handy kitchen storage...

You will need:

Step 1: Mask off the label area

Using masking tape, mark out the shape for your chalkboard labels, covering any area you do not wish to paint. 

DIY storage jar hack step one

Step one

(Image credit: Dunelm)

Step 2: Get ready to spray the Mason jar

Move the jars to a well-ventilated space and place on top of a large dustsheet or some old newspapers. You may want to cover the surrounding area with additional dustsheets/newspaper to protect from spray mist. 

Step 3: spray the Mason jar

Holding the can approximately 30cm away from the jars. Apply up to two coats of chalkboard spray paint. Allow each coat to fully dry before applying the next. 

DIY storage jar hack step two and three

Step three

(Image credit: Dunelm)

Step 4: Remove the masking tape

Once fully dry, remove the masking tape and label away! 

DIY storage jar hack step four

(Image credit: Dunelm)

*DIY step by step thanks to Dunelm

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