Avocado toast: the best avocado smash recipes

A quick and easy breakfast/brunch/lunch to make at home, or in the office, here's the best avocado toast recipe

how to make avocado toast
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Want to know how to make avocado toast? A super popular option for lunch, brunch and breakfast, avocado toast has as good as gained cult status. And it's easy to see why. It's filling, nutritious and easy to make whether you're at home, or in the office. Plus, if you're feeling adventurous, it's super easy to customise your avocado toast with heaps of different toppings. Think anything from eggs to pumpkin or pomegranate seeds and feta...

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How to make avocado toast

Avocado smash on toast with pumpkin seeds

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Believe it, or not, there are a number of ways to make avocado toast. First off, you can choose whether you smash, or slice your avocado. Then, you can choose whether you'd like to add a little extra something into the mix, or top your avocado toast with something exciting. We've covered each of the options, below.


For two slices of avocado toast, you will need:

  • Ripe avocado
  • Half a lime
  • Salt and pepper for seasoning
  • Chilli flakes (optional)
  • Bread – we'd recommend sourdough
  • Toppings – (for veggies/vegans) we love tomato, rocket, coriander, chilli, pumpkin seeds, pomegranate seeds
  • Toppings – (non vegan) we love poached eggs, feta or smoked salmon


1. Before you start, you'll need to make sure that your avocado is ripe. It should have some give, when squeezed, and you should be able to remove the stalk with ease.

2. Take your knife, or dedicated avocado tool, and carefully run the blade vertically across the centre, until you've cut your avocado all the way around. Once this is done, pull the two halves of your avocado apart.

3. Take a spoon and scoop out the half of your avocado without the stone. Then, use a spoon – or a knife if you're feeling brave – and prize the stone out of the other half, before scooping out the flesh.

4. If you're smashing your avocado, place this in a bowl – then jump down to step six. If you're slicing your avocado, place it on a chopping board with the flat side facing down.

5. For sliced avocado, take a knife and cut relatively slim slices, length ways. Then, place these slices on top of your toast, with each slice positioned at a slight diagonal so that they spread across the length of your toast. Season with salt, pepper, a dash of lime juice and whatever toppings take your fancy.

6. If you're smashing your avocado, add salt, pepper and lime juice to the bowl. Then, begin smashing with a fork, or your avocado tool, until the consistency is as smooth, or textured, as is your preference. Load onto your toast and add any toppings.

Best avocado smash serving ideas

  • Top with a poached egg
  • Sprinkle with feta and onion seeds
  • Serve with a slice or two of smoked salmon
  • Make a quick tomato salsa with red onion, quartered cherry tomatoes, chilli and a tablespoon of chopped coriander and serve that on top
  • Turn your avocado smash into guacamole by adding finely chopped red onion, half a red chilli (minced), chopped cherry tomatoes, garlic and chopped coriander leaf
  • For a filling and protein-packed vegan breakfast, top with your favourite toasted nuts and seeds – we like a mix of pumpkin, sunflower, black sesame and pine nuts

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