6 tips to get maximum efficiency out of your heating this winter

As the dark nights are drawing in, get savvy with your heating to keep warm all winter

Content by Drayton 

Have you turned on your heating yet? With Winter fuel bills rising every year, now is the ideal time to look at how you can reduce your energy use while still keeping cosy. 

The latest smart heating control system from trusted British heating experts Drayton, by Schneider Electric, allows you to manage your heating room by room, so you only heat the space you’re using to the temperature you prefer, saving energy and money, while keeping your family more comfortable, too. 

Top tips to help you be wiser in the cold weather this winter

1. It’s a personal thing – choose intelligent radiator thermostats so
you can create different heating zones. Set the temperature in the living room to 20 ̊C, but have cooler bedroom temperatures and lower temperatures in empty spare rooms. This could reduce your energy use by up to 20 per cent compared to using a smart thermostat alone. 

2. There’s an app for that – control your heating remotely from an app, so you can delay it coming on or turning off when your plans change. This will help you avoid wasting energy and money heating an empty home.      

3. Keep up with the weather – make further savings with heating controls that learn how long your home takes to react to temperature changes and weather conditions, and then finds the most economical way to run your heating.

4. ‘Alexa, turn my heating on’ – opt for smart speaker integration so it’s even easier to manage your energy use. Simply ask Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant to turn down the temperature. 

5. Home and away – ensure your heating’s off when no one’s home. New technology (like IFTTT) allows you to automatically stop your heating from running when the last family member heads out for the day. 

6. You can enjoy all of these energy-saving benefits with the Wiser system from Drayton, by Schneider Electric. What’s more, we’ve teamed up with Drayton to offer you the chance to win a Wiser heating control system worth up to £1,000! This includes a room thermostat, radiator thermostats for every room and two smart plugs. Drayton will follow your winter journey with a video diary, sharing your home renovation story and how Wiser has helped you and your family to live more comfortably. 

For more information and to enter the competition, visit wiserfamily.co.uk or follow @DraytonHome on Twitter. 

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