This fire pit doubles up as a bbq and is under £50 – snap it up while you can

This fire pit is just what you need in your garden this season – and it's in stock for delivery from Amazon

Femor fire pit
(Image credit: Amazon)

A fire pit that's also a barbecue? We can definitely get on board with that, especially in a small garden where space is at a premium – and with British weather making some kind of garden heating (or multiple layers of clothing) a necessity. 

Introducing the Femor Fire Bowl, which is currently in stock for free delivery for next week at Amazon. Oh yes, we can just picture ourselves BBQing, then using it as a fire bowl late into the night, once we've eaten all the food.

This compact fire pit is 60cm in diameter and comes with detachable legs, making it easy to store when you're not using it (we're thinking handy for camping trips, too). The black lacquered finish gives this fire pit a slick and contemporary look that will fit in with any garden design. 

A fork for turning wood is provided. If you want to use this fire pit as a barbecue, you need to get a round grill separately.

Femor Fire Bowl | £48.99 at Amazon

This fire pit can be used with wood or charcoal, depending on how you want to use it. The 60cm diameter makes getting a compatible grill very easy. Also, this fire pit is heat resistant up to 500°C, which means you can even fire a pizza on it.  View Deal