These under-$20 Christmas ornaments are so chic and perfect for last-minute decorating

Get into the holiday season courtesy of these 5 Christmas ornaments — all under-$20!

Christmas ornaments
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Christmas is still well over a month away, but if you're already seriously getting into the holiday spirit: Same.  

With a never-ending election and a global pandemic, the holidays are even more of a welcome distraction this year than they usually are. 

So, go ahead, get your hands on the best Christmas decorations and start decking those halls (you have our permission).  Of course, you'll need a little inspiration to get you started, and what better place to start than your tree? Your Christmas tree or more specifically, your Christmas ornaments, make an easy jumping-off point for your holiday home décor. 

If your tree could use a spruce up (see what we did there), keep scrolling. We've rounded up five of the cutest Christmas ornaments we could find. Each option rings in under $20, which means you can grab one for your tree, and another to wrap up and stash under it. 

1. This 50-count box 

Christmas Ornaments

(Image credit: Walmart)

Are you scared of investing in an ornament, only to have it break later on? Understandably so, and we're here to tell you that is anything but the case when you opt for this 50-count pack (opens in new tab). Here, this variety pack offers up tons of different options, styles, and colors, with the best part being? They're shatterproof! What could be better than that? 

Shop it: Holiday Time Shatterproof Christmas Tree Ornaments (opens in new tab), 50-Count Pack for $17.99, available at Walmart

2. This trendy twin-pack

Christmas Ornament

(Image credit: H&M)

Want to balance out your Christmas trees this year? Opt for this pair (opens in new tab)that's impossible to resist. Crafted from the most gorgeous glass these shimmery golden ornaments will be the focal point of any display this holiday season!  

Shop it: 2-pack Christmas Ornaments (opens in new tab) for $9.99, available at H&M

3. This TV-inspired ornament 

Christmas Ornaments

(Image credit: Kohls)

Are you looking for the one piece that will always be there for you? Reach for this Friends-inspired ornament (opens in new tab). Featuring the same iconic orange couch from Central Perk, shoppers can press this ornament's button to enjoy some of the show's favorite catchphrases, including: "How You Doin." Sure, to make this a crowd-pleaser this holiday season! 

Shop it: Friends Central Perk 2020 Hallmark Keepsake Christmas Ornament (opens in new tab) for $19.99, available at Kohls

4. This printed piece 

Christmas Ornaments

(Image credit: Target)

Did anyone welcome a baby this year? Turn to this option to capture that memory in the most precious keepsake (opens in new tab). Here, this ornament box includes a package of clay, a shaping ring, a rolling pin, a red satin ribbon, a packet of glitter, and a pin to create the ornament hanging hole. All anyone has to do is take their newborn's hand and mold it into the clay and ta-da! Cherish this ornament for years to come, courtesy of this DIY-option. 

Shop it: Pearhead Babyprints Christmas Ornament -Glitter (opens in new tab) for $14.99, available at Target

5. This timely treasure

Christmas ornaments

(Image credit: Amazon)

Want to take things a bit further in this personalization department this year? This 2020 ornament (opens in new tab)will get the job done. Here, buyers can pick anywhere from a family of 2 upwards to a family of 5 to fit their family's current size, and all that's left to do is turn to an oil pen to write in the names. In moments, you'll have this timeless treasure that's not only precious but thanks to the white COVID masks? It's the piece you'll love (and laugh over) but years to come! 

Shop it: Personalized Name Christmas Ornament Kit (opens in new tab)with prices starting at $8.90, available at Amazon

Brittany Romano
Brittany Romano

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