Argos bedding: 5 steps to sleep better at bargain prices

If you are using Sleeptember as a chance to get your sleep health in check, then browse Argos bedding. From pillows to mattress toppers and supersoft bedlinen, there is something for every style and budget

Argos bedding in faux fur
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If you haven't been sleeping as well as you could be (who can blame you) and want to get your sleep sorted, the Argos bedding section is the place to go. They stock everything from pillows, sheets and duvets to mattress toppers and protectors – so whatever you need to guarantee a good kip.

We have had a browse of their Sleeptember bedding collection and picked out the perfect ingredients for creating the comfiest bed. If you need to 'tog up' your duvet for the colder nights, add some padding to an old mattress or just want some fab new bed linen to give your bedroom an autumnal update, read on. The great thing is Argos offer Fast Track delivery, or if you really can't wait to get cosy, you can use click and collect to your nearest Argos or Sainsbury's store.

See our top picks, then browse the best mattresses to really up your sleep game.

1. Make sure the temperature is just right with a new duvet

Being too hot or too cold is a common reason for sleep struggles. As the seasons change this can be all the more difficult when night time temperatures can fluctuate by 10 degrees or more. The right duvet – one that is warm but breathable – is the best place to start. Look for an all seasons option. These are made up of two parts popped together for the coldest nights or used separately for warmer weather and the shoulder seasons.

2. Maximise comfort with a mattress topper

If your mattress isn't offering max comfort you should really buy a new one (Argos have a 100 day trial on mattresses by the way), but if that is out of budget, a mattress topper can help. There are loads of mattress toppers under £50, but if you can stretch to a bit more you are likely to get better support – great for mitigating back or hip pain while lying down. We have shared a couple of options below (included a bargain-friendly one).

3. Plump it up with new pillows

The wrong pillow means a whole world of neck pain and definitely won't help you nod off. Choose the right pillow for your sleeping position for a start – front sleepers need something softer and thinner, but if you sleep on your side you need a bit more thickness. Those who sleep on their back should look for a firmer pillow, but it should still be super soft to the touch.

Don't forget that a pillow you can wash is a great buy if you get a bit sweaty on warmer nights. Some love down fillings, but we are big fans of synthetic non-allergenic pillows that keep their shape and can be cleaned more easily.

4. Give your bedroom a hotel-worthy makeover with a new duvet set

Sure, comfort is king, but creating a space that looks the part is so important. Fortunately you can have the best of both worlds and we have found some stylish and cosy bedding to update your bedroom. Whether you want pristine white bedding that wouldn't look out of place in a boutique hotel, or something to give your room all the hygge vibes, we think you will like the choices below.

5. And don't forget a bedding upgrade for the little ones

As any parent knows, if the kids don't sleep, you don't sleep. So don't forget them when it comes to buying new bedding. Argos has loads of fun options with all their favourite characters, but we think buying something a little more sedate is a great choice too for a calm and relaxed bed time. 

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