The best console tables

A console table will make a stylish and functional addition to your hallway; from making the most of the space to providing a place to store your keys

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The best console tables

Considering that the hallway is often the first part of your house your guests see, it often gets left out or shuffled to the bottom of the priority list when it comes to interior design. The hallway is your opportunity to provide guests with that first impression, an opportunity to clue them in to your personal style and taste. 

But how to decorate your hallway? Aside from a doormat, a rug, a mirror and a couple of pictures, you’re fairly limited. But, there is a piece of furniture, which seems almost as old as time, that has earned its rightful place as a staple element to any hallway - the console table. Traditionally, it’s a table that is placed either to the side or in front of your door. It was a place, and still is a place for some, to plug in the telephone and store the little book of numbers. It is also a place to pop your keys, store magazines or any other odds and ends that don’t quite have a place anywhere else. 

Thankfully, the rickety square design regularly seen in our grandparents' houses is something that’s firmly rooted in the past. These days, the amount of detail that goes into the design of a console table is as much as a grand table that takes pride of place in your dining room. There are all sorts of designs available, from traditional wooden designs that offer warmth and character, to modern statements that speak to your guests as soon as they walk through the door. 

We’ve compiled a list of the best console tables on the market right now. Among our mix, we have options for the style-conscious, the space- conscious and the storage-conscious, so you’re sure to find the perfect console table for your home. 

1. Oliver Bonas Ottone Console Table

A striking contrast of dark wood and marble

Best for: Eye-catching
Dimensions: H78cmxW100cmx35cm
Material: Acacia wood, brass, marble
Colour: Brown, white, gold
Reasons to buy
+Two drawers for storage+Linear detailing for a bold statement

If you’re looking for a statement piece to welcome guests into your home, this contrasting style table from Oliver Bonas should certainly be considered. Detail matters – from the white marble table top to the brass and pink draw handles, plenty of thought has gone into this console table, so you have a beautiful place to put your keys, a vase full of your favourite flowers, or even your favourite vintage lamp shade that you bought for a steal at the local car boot sale. When it comes to combining design and function, this console table has it in droves – the reason why it’s been given the number one spot.  

2. Moulin Console Table

A beautifully elegant table with subtle curves

Best for: Elegance
Dimensions: H75cmxW110cmx35cm
Material: Metal
Colour: Silver
Reasons to buy
+Doesn’t take up too much room+A beautiful statement feature

This elegant table is a subtle statement and will look great in a modern home where play on glass and reflection is a theme. Part of a collection, there’s the option to buy into the Moulin range and continue the subtle style throughout your home, which will help you to create a sense of flow. The depth of this table is only 35cm, so those with narrow hallways won’t need to worry about it taking up too much room. Its only downfall seems to be the lack of storage, which means you may have to be ultra conscious of clutter.  

3. Gold Legged And Tiled Console Table

Tiles also make a stunning table top

Best for: Stylish
Dimensions: H80cmxW110cmx40cm
Material: Metal and tile
Colour: Gold and black
Reasons to buy
+Tile top is robust and easy to keep clean+Brass legs create a timeless finish

It may look minimal from a distance, but this console table packs a range of subtle features that make it a stylish addition to your home. If you’re a fan of gold, brass or neutral brown colours, this table will make the perfect accompaniment to your interior design theme. The Forest & Co have combined the geometric effect of tiles with the timelessness of brass, creating a robust table that’s fairly quick and easy to keep dust-free. With a width of 40cm, some people may find that it takes too much room in a narrow hallway, but for a larger expanse, it makes for a stunning centrepiece. 

4. La Redoute Interieurs Quilda Vintage Console Table

Lightly coloured and classically vintage

Best for: Vintage style
Dimensions: H76cmxW120cmx30cm
Material: Oak, MDF
Colour: Oak
Reasons to buy
+Beautifully finished+Incorporates four drawers

If you love vintage inspired furniture, this elegant wooden console table will bring a touch of old-fashioned glamour to your hallway. With four large drawers, there’s more storage room for hoarders, while its narrowness will ensure that it doesn’t look out of place in even the most compact of hallways.  Thanks to its narrow leg structure and light wood composition, this console table won't detract from the light levels in your hall, and thanks to its solid oak legs, it'll remain sturdy. 

5. Dodgson Console Table

A very traditional console with beautiful, hand carved detail

Best for: Traditional homes
Dimensions: H75cmxW120cmx40cm
Material: Solid Wood
Colour: Dark mahogany finish
Reasons to buy
+Very statement+Hand carved

If the rest of your home is full of light furniture, this console table may look a little out of place. If you’re a fan of the dark mahogany country mansion style, however, this table will be the perfect fit.  There is a certain sense of majesty about this console table, which makes layering it with clutter almost unforgivable. Deck the table with a lamp and a neutral ornament to enhance its features and make sure it’s kept polished so it retains that classic mahogany shine. 

6. Cosmo Console Table

For when space is at a premium

Best for: Additional storage
Dimensions: H65cmxW120cmx35cm
Material: MDF
Colour: White
Reasons to buy
+Additional shelving space+Clean lines

Shelving and storage space in a small house is at a premium, and when there’s simply no more room for furniture in your living space, knowing that there’s this handy hallway console may put your mind at rest. With three shelving units, you have freedom to store whatever you wish; collection items, books or even baskets or boxes of items will all look at home on this unit. At 120cm, this unit is the longest in our list, so make sure your hallway won’t feel restricted once you place this console to one side.  

7. Adame Console Table

A Scandinavian style console table that combines simplicity with elegance

Best for: Clean style interiors
Dimensions: H80cmxW120cmx35cm
Material: Solid oak and veneers
Colour: Wooden finish
Reasons to buy
+Solid and stable+Simple yet elegant

Sometimes you need a console that will blend with your existing decor, rather than make a statement. There’s no intricacy with this table; the designers at Laurel Foundry have used the beauty and elegance of solid oak to do the talking, leaving statement carving to other furniture pieces in our list. If you’re a fan of clean lines with a touch of tradition, this practical yet elegant table will sit perfectly in your hallway where it will make the perfect place to pop a vase of your favourite flowers.  

8. Gold Console Table With Glass Top

A light and airy table that’s designed to keep the illusion of space

Best for: For hallways low on space
Dimensions: H81cmxW80cmx40cm
Material: Metal and glass
Colour: Gold
Reasons to buy
+Slim metal frame+Ethnic design

If your hallway is particularly dark or lacking in space, this console table may fit the bill. The gold metal frame is minimal, creating the illusion of space while letting light through. There’s also the patterned glass top, which lifts the design to make it more of a prominent piece in homes where gold, metal and rich browns are a theme. The curved design is certainly something different, and may not work for people who prefer angular lines.  

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