Best sofa sale: the top January sales sofa deals from John Lewis, Made, Wayfair and more

Looking for a good sofa sale? We have rounded up the best sofa deals that you can order online – get a new sofa for the new year!

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If you are after a great sofa sale, you are definitely in the right place. With January sales about to begin, now is a good time to start planning to buy your dream sofa at a discount. We constantly keep an eye on what's going on in the world of sofa deals, so we can round them all up and make your sales shopping even easier. We've covered all our fave retailers here, John Lewis, Made, Wayfair, all the greats and everything is in price order and categorised by size (you can thank us later). 

Whether you're after a bargain velvet sofa to make a statement or need to invest in a larger cheap corner sofa for the whole family to chill out on, keep scrolling for some amazing deals on the best sofas

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The best two seater sofa sales


Grayson 2 Seater Loveseat | £215.99 £159.99 at Wayfair
Perfect for small living rooms or bedrooms, this loveseat is down to a great price in the Wayfair sale. The light grey is clean and contemporary but the channel tufting as a touch of interest to its lovely simple design. 

The best three seater sofa sales


Travis Loveseat | £1,155 £729.99 at Wayfair
If you like retro, Mid-century furniture but don't fancy paying the extortionate prices for the real thing, this small sofa is such a bargain. It's half price! We love everything about it and think it would instantly change the look and vibe of a living room.

Harlow 3 Seater Sofa

New England Newport 3 Seater Leather Sofa | £2,265 £1,695 at Furniture Village
If you like a traditional, classic look, we think this leather sofa would be perfect. A Chesterfield sofa is never going to date and the leather wears really nicely so it's going to last you ages too. 


Oceano 3 Seater Leather Sofa | £1,605 £1,195 at Furniture Village
This leather sofa comes in loads of colours, including a really unusual deep blue. The shape is quirky too with striking lines and a bit of a Mid-century modern feel to it. 

The best sofa bed sales

Amalgre 3 Seater Sofa Bed

Coralayne 2 Seater Clic Clac Sofa Bed | £862 £739.99 at Wayfair
Wayfair have loads of amazing deals on super stylish sofa beds. One of our favourites is this Mid-century modern-esque sofa bed. This shape with the square back and bolster cushions is everywhere at the moment. There are so many colours to choose from too so make sure you check out the other options.  

Is my new sofa the right one?

Choosing a new sofa? We know that when you find a good deal, it can be easy to quickly purchase without thinking. Before whipping your card out, be sure to check you've got the size right. Whether you want a corner, a recliner, a sofa bed or an armchair, check how different sofas will fit in your living room layout  by using masking tape or newspapers to create cutouts on the floor. 

Always allow for the footprint of the sofa and note the space needed from the slight lean of the back of the chair. If you're choosing a recliner or sofa bed, allow for extra room.

Looking for small living room ideas? Pushing furniture right back against the wall is only going to make a room feel smaller, even if it does mean you gain some floor space. It's best to go for a low, contemporary design with narrow arms. Sofas and chairs sat up on show-legs can also make a room feel bigger, as the floor can be seen beneath. 

Finally, always check that the sofa can fit through your front/back door. There's nothing worse than ordering the sofa of your dreams, to find that it won't fit into your house. 

For those with an open-plan modern living room, corner sofas are a good choice as they offer flexible seating for larger areas, and tend to seat more people on a smaller footprint. Mid-century style sofas with exposed legs also look great in modern homes, and they suit traditional living rooms, too. 

High-backed or low-backed, you ask? It all depends on how you like to lounge. We strongly suggest trying before buying – but on a looks-only judgement, high-backed sofas and armchairs tend to look more formal and traditional, while low-backed ones more contemporary and laid-back.

Is the sofa construction right for you?

There are a few different types of materials used in sofas fillings, so choose depending on your priorities. Foam is firm and will retain its shape, while fibre is softer, but still hardwearing. A more expensive filling is feather, which is softer still, but you'll need to keep plumping the cushions. Be aware that it can trigger allergies, so you might prefer a hypoallergenic synthetic fibre, such as a mono-polymer filling. 

If you choose a synthetic material, expect to pay more for a sofa that will last well without losing its shape. A combination of fillings are often used, such as seat cushions in a high-density foam with a fibre wrap, creating comfort and durability. Occasional turning is all the maintenance required.

If you're going to be using your sofa daily, be sure to find out what the frame is made from. Load-bearing parts should be made from a hardwood, such as oak, beech or ash. Softwoods like pine are more affordable, but do not have the longevity or resistance to warping of pricier hardwoods. Also, look for legs that are part of the frame, or screwed on/attached with dowels.

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