Best fire pit 2021: stylish fire pits for your backyard

Buy the best fire pit for toasting marshmallows and enjoying evenings out in the yard

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Best fire pit: KingSo
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For evenings out in nature, or simply enjoying some warmth in your backyard, buying the best fire pit can liven up your home and give you that campfire feel without all the effort. 

Fire pits often come in legs, meaning they can cradle your fuel without scorching your yard or patio tiles. Some fire pits are even gas powered, meaning you won'y have to worry about lighting it in windy or unreliable weather. 

We've included open and closed fire pits in our guide. Some have an open design that will allow you to toast marshmallows and enjoy the look of the exposed flame, whereas others have a contained feel that is not only safer, but often more decorative. You can even cook hot dogs and other treats on some fire pits, but we've also got a guide to the best grills if you want something purpose-built. For the best fire pits for your home, keep reading. 

Best fire pit: KingSo fire pit

(Image credit: Amazon)

1. Kingso Fire Pit

The best fire pit: perfect for patios, camping trips, and more

Best for: Multi-use
Fuel type: Wood
Size: 22 x 22 x 20 inches
Material: Painted steel
Reasons to buy
+Nice and large+Handy rim around the pit+Spark screen
Reasons to avoid
-Shouldn't be left outside for long periods of time

This fire pit is advertised as the perfect fire pit for camping, but we actually find it to be just as good for your patio or back yard. Spacious and deep, it looks amazing with wood logs in, and you can use it as a grill, although you'll need to purchase a grill cover separately. As is, it's great for toasting marshmallows – the flat rim around he pit makes putting down stick after use very easy. Assembly is very easy – just attach the legs and you're good to go. Like other steel fire pits, although it says it's weather resistant, you may see rust after prolonged rain, so it's best to cover it or store indoors during very rainy weather.

Jackman Star and Moon Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit

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2. Jackman Star and Moon Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit

Best wood burning fire pit: with a stunning design

Best for: Creating a relaxing ambiance
Fuel type: Wood
Size: H20 x W30 x D30 inches
Material: Powder-coated steel
Reasons to buy
+Beautiful design+Portable+Comes with a cover
Reasons to avoid
-Can't be put directly on a wooden deck

This steel fire pit will create the most beautiful glow in your back yard, thanks to its star and moon design. It's like outdoor lighting and fire pit in one – so pretty. Sturdily built from powder-coated steel, the pit comes with a fire poker and a very handy vinyl cover that will help prevent rust. It's large-sized but still portable, which is a bonus if you do want to move it indoors/into the garage. Because of its cut-out design, this pit cannot be placed directly on a wood deck – but you can get fireproof mats to put under it.

best fire pit

(Image credit: Hampton Bay)

3. Briarglen Fire Ball with Tree Branches

Best fire ball pit: looks beautiful and is safety-conscious, too

Best for: Style
Fuel type: Wood
Size: 33.85 x 32.67 x 35 inches
Material: Porcelain fire bowl, steel base
Reasons to buy
+Love the look+The ball shape is safer for open spaces+360° view +Easy-open hanging door
Reasons to avoid
-Not ideal for toasting marshmallows 

There's something about a 360° fire ball that feels instantly more attuned to nature. The Briarglen Fire Ball with Tree Branches from Hampton Bay has a porcelain bowl to hold your firewood, and its door is hinged to allow you to add more fuel easily. 

One of the advantages of a fire ball pit is their coverage. Because all sides of the fire are contained there's less of a safety risk. This does mean it will be harder to toast your marshmallow in there, so this is more of a decorative piece. 

Sunnydaze Crossweave Outdoor Fire Pit

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4. Sunnydaze Crossweave Outdoor Fire Pit

Best large-sized fire pit: substantial and impressive centerpiece for your patio

Best for: Permanent display on a patio
Fuel type: Wood
Size: 36 x 36 x 24 inches
Material: Steel
Reasons to buy
+Large and substantial+Poker and waterproof cover included
Reasons to avoid
-Very rust-prone

The Sunnydaze is a design you'll enjoy having in your back yard for many years – it's a substantial, well-crafted item that will easily become a centerpeice on a patio. The crossweave design makes it look a bit different, and the larger-than-average 36-inch diameter makes it perfect for family use or parties. Trust us when we say that it will rust in humid weather, so you may wish to spray-paint it with an anti-rust coating to prolong its life. 

Delshire Polyresin Wood Burning Fire Pit

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5. Delshire Polyresin Wood Burning Fire Pit

Best contemporary style fire pit: a modern and unusual design great for formal design schemes

Best for: Contemporary gardens
Fuel type: Wood
Size: H23 x D16 inches
Material: Polyresin, Fiberglass, cast iron
Reasons to buy
+Unusual design+Safe for wooden decks+Will not rust
Reasons to avoid
-Quite small

This clever little fire pit is the solution for smaller decks or patios where a large fire pit is not practical. Designed in the shape of a column, it'll give just enough warmth when placed next to your patio furniture, and it won't rust thanks to a fiberglass and resin construction. The burning pan is made from durable cast iron and works very well with small fire logs like Duraflame. It's not very big, so you may need to get a couple. 

Erandekar Stone Propane Fire Pit

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6. Erandekar Stone Propane Fire Pit

The best propane fire pit: just switch on and enjoy

Best for: Those who prefer gas to wood
Fuel type: Propane gas
Size: H9.06 x W28 x D28 inches
Material: Stone
Reasons to buy
+Adjustable flames+Safe for wooden decks+Simply switch it on
Reasons to avoid

If you don't like messing around with wood, or want something that's safe to put right onto a wooden deck, this nice little propane-fuelled fire pit will make a great addition to your back yard. It comes with everything you need to just switch it on a and relax in front of the pretty fire – which, thankfully, gets quite warm. Do bear in mind that this is a small-sized fire pit best suited to small patios and decks. 

How to choose the best fire pit


Always check the size of the fire pit you're buying – get a tape measurer if you need to get a sense of how much room it'll take up on your patio. If it's too small, you're likely to be disappointed.


It may sound obvious, but if you have a super modern outdoor space you'll want to choose a fire pit to match, a more country-cottage style backyard will best suit a rustic or decorative option. And if you're yet to create your ideal outside space? Make sure to browse our guide to the best outdoor furniture for some inspiration. 

Fuel type

Wood-burning fire pits are more sustainable, cheaper to run, and there are more designs to choose from. Gas-fuelled fire pits are easier to get going (you just switch them on), but they will be more expensive to run. 

is it safe for your deck?

If you have a wooden deck, not all fire pits can be placed directly on top of it. Read the product description: if it's not wood deck-safe, you'll need to buy a fire mat separately.

Extra features?

Some fire pits can double up as outdoor grills if you buy a grill top in the correct size. Some propane models have adjustable flames, which can be useful. 

Will it rust?

All steel fire pits are prone to rusting, whatever the manufacturer says. The best fire pits should have a protective cover included, and you should use it whenever the weather is rainy or humid. 

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