Vileda Steam Mop review: a capable, quick-to-use cleaner

The Vileda Steam Mop is an affordable fuss-free cleaner that has earned a spot in plenty of homes, but how did it perform in our tests?

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Real Homes Verdict

This Vileda Steam Mop makes it convenient to give your floors a spruce. With the ability to heat up in just 15 seconds, a lightweight design, and the capability to be used even on carpets, it is perfect for a quick refresh and everyday use.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Simple, no-frills design makes it easy to use

  • +

    Triangle head makes corner cleaning a breeze

  • +

    Stores and leans upright

  • +

    Excellent value

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    No handheld capability

  • -

    Some might prefer a larger water tank

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The Vileda Steam Mop is an extremely popular choice among those looking for a simple to use, effective cleaner for their floors. Quick to set up, extremely lightweight, and convenient to store, we put this mop to the test at home to see exactly how it performed when it came to cleaning and sanitising, so that you can decide whether it's worth your money.

This mop is suitable for use on all types of sealed floors, including tiles, vinyl, wood, and laminate, and also has a carpet refreshing element so that you can use it across your home. If you decide to purchase this mop, you'll also be covered by a two-year guarantee. 

During our testing process to discover the best steam cleaners on the market, I've tried out a number of steam mops in my home, so that I can see how they compare, and which are the standout features of each model. This is how I got on with the Vileda Steam Mop, which is marketed as the "quick and easy way to hygienically clean your floors".

Vileda Steam Mop Specifications

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  • Model number: ‎157171
  • Capacity: 0.4L
  • Cord length: 6m
  • Weight: 2.5kg
  • Accessories: Main unit, carpet glider, two microfibre pads and a filling jug
  • RRP: £89.99

About this review, and our reviewer 

Image of Molly Cleary author photo
Molly Cleary

Molly is the Ecommerce Writer across homes shopping content, spending time reviewing products to see if they can earn a place in buying guides. She regularly tests cleaning products and machines to check if they're up to standard. 

This steam cleaner was tested in her two-bedroom flat, as you'll see from the photos. It has areas of laminate flooring and carpet, making it perfect for trying out this steamer and the carpet refresher. This cleaner was also available to keep, allowing for this review to be updated over time to see how the tool holds up. 

Unboxing the Vileda Steam Mop

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The simplicity of the Vileda steam cleaner starts with the straightforward unboxing process. The box itself is quite slimline, and there's no excessive plastic packaging. In the box, you get the main unit – which takes mere minutes to assemble – with the handle, two mop heads, a carpet gliding attachment, and a water filling tank. 

The Vileda steam mop is by far the most lightweight mop I've tested, and it stands upright with absolutely no issue, which can't be said of nearly every other popular steam cleaner. It can sit discreetly in a corner or your cleaning cupboard and won't take up too much of your space at all.

Who will the Vileda Steam Mop suit?

Thanks to how lightweight this steam mop is, I'd say it's a great choice for those who struggle to hold cleaning tools for a long time. If saving space is on your agenda, then it's great for that too, as well as those who don't want a long process of set up or use in order to get sparkling clean floors.

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What's it like to use the Vileda Steam Mop?

The Vileda Steam Mop crops up time and time again in rankings of cleaners of this type due to the fact that it is affordable, effective and lightweight. 

The first impression that I had of this product was evidence that this is a cleaner for those who don't want to feel the strain as they clean. You can easily flip it upside down to attach or reattach the included heads, and it's a breeze to get around your floors. After assembly, the other thing that I really liked about this mop is that once you're done cleaning, you just push the stick element back into place, and it stays there, meaning the unit stays uprightly perfectly. This is very rare to find with cleaners of this type, so if it's something that has annoyed you in the past, then don't overlook it. No more marked walls from leaning cleaners that inevitably fall over.

To get started, you use the included filling tank to get just the right amount of water inside the main unit and then you can turn it on. There's an LED light on the water tank that will turn green when it's ready to use.

The triangular head makes this cleaner absolutely perfect for corners, which you otherwise might have some trouble navigating. It's another simple aspect of the design of this cleaner that goes a long way. You can switch between modes as you learn how to use a steam cleaner with this model, with the Maximum Steam Volume reserved for more intensive jobs, while the Minimum Steam Volume will suit laminate and parquet flooring, or any other delicate floor types.

The overall cleaning ability on hard floors with this cleaner is fantastic, and the lightweight and easy-to-use design means that you'll find yourself reaching for it more often too. Another benefit with this cleaner is that as you use it, you feel that the steam is being emitted in a more constant way, rather than in stop-start stages, which makes a real difference.

Image of Vileda Steam Mop

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Another feat of this cleaner is that you can use it to refresh carpets if you attach the carpet glider attachment, in a similar style to the Vax SteamFresh PowerPlus Steam Cleaner. There are clear instructions on how to use the carpet glider in the manual, and after pushing back and forth over a few different rugs, I thought that they looked fresher. Due to the fact that this cleaner is so lightweight, you could even use it on more tricky areas, like your stairs.

This cleaner doesn't have any other attachments or ways to turn it into a handheld tool – unlike competitor models like the Bissell PowerFresh SlimSteam 2234E which can be used to clean your shower or kitchen. Handheld steam cleaning isn't at the top of everyone's agenda, but if it is something you want from your purchase, it's worth noting you won't get it here.

Image of Vileda Steam Mop on carpet

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Cleaning and maintenance

It's great that you receive two mop heads with this Vileda mop rather than just one, so that you can have them on a rotation when it comes to washing. To keep those fresh, all you need to do is throw them into your next wash, though it should be noted you shouldn't use fabric softener when you do.

As this mop doesn't have attachments, there's not much else to do in order to keep it clean. You simply store your mop in an upright position wherever is convenient to you. There's no included wall mount with this cleaner, meaning you would have to install one yourself if you wanted to keep your cleaning cupboard ultra-organized.

Image of Vileda Steam Mop standing upright

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How does it rate online?

The Vileda Steam Mop rates extremely favorably on Amazon, with a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars collected from 10,182 reviews at the time of writing. Reviewers repeatedly mention that the cleaner is reliable and that the cleaning potential meant that it offered great value for money. One reviewer referred to the mop as an 'essential' in her house, while another said it was the 'easiest' and 'most sturdy feeling' mop of this type that she had tried out. 

There were some reviewers who were less impressed their Vileda mop however, with certain users stating that they felt the water tank was too small, and would prefer a larger detachable tank. Others wished the cord length was slightly longer in order to cater for larger homes.

How does it compare to similar models and predecessors?

Image of Vileda Steam Mop on carpet

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The biggest competitor to the Vileda Steam Mop is the Karcher SC3 Easy Fix Steam Cleaner. The two are vastly different, as while the Vileda has an upright mop design, the Karcher has a separate unit which you'll need to take around your house with you, along with the cleaning wand. The Karcher also has an array of accessories that you can attach to the wand, to spot clean your bathroom or kitchen, which you won't get with the more stripped-back Vileda mop.

The RRP of the Karcher Easy Fix is £160 whilst the Vileda mop is a fair amount cheaper, at £89.99, with the difference in attachments explaining the varying price points. If you are looking for a reliable, sturdy steam cleaner on a smaller budget, then investing in the Vileda will serve you well, as backed up by our experience and by thousands of user reviews. It is perfect for sanitising all floors, but if you want a more extensive and multi-featured mop, then the Karcher Easy Fix is still likely to be your best choice. 

For a similar upright model, then the Shark Floor and Handheld Steam Cleaner S6005UK may also be on your shortlist. Whilst it has great versatility for spot cleaning and different useful attachments, it doesn't have the strength of design or simplicity as the Vileda Steam Mop does. It's more fiddly to operate, and can't stand upright by itself. Of course, it will all depend on your preferences, and your patience with floorcare appliances, but for an easier ride when it comes to cleaning, the Vileda is the winner for me.

Should you buy the Vileda Steam Mop?

The Vileda Steam Mop is my favourite steam cleaner by far, and it's fair to say I've tested my fair share at this point. It might be partly due to my weariness from too many overcomplicated cleaners, but the simplicity of this mop makes it the standout winner for me. You don't have to worry about storing or keeping track of extra attachments, and the process of using this cleaner really is so unbelievably easy. It stores upright in the corner of a room, and is so lightweight that I'm encouraged to pick it up more regularly. 

The cleaning power is great, and it's versatile enough to use to refresh carpets too. For the price, (£89.99), I'm sure you won't be disappointed with this cleaner, as long as you're not desperate for those extra cleaning attachments.

Molly Cleary
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