Thanks to the Sodastream Art, I saved $$$ on buying soda

Get "fizz-ical" and save money on soda with the SodaStream Art

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While the end result is the same (sparkling water or DIY soda), the SodaStream Art is a cut above its OG counterpart. The side handle makes carbonating drinks simple and straightforward, and the quick connect CO2 canister setup is far easier to use than the OG screw-in setup. And the design looks far sleeker, too. Plus, it comes in a wider color range, including some really cute pastel shades!

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Quick Connect makes it easier to fit cylinder

  • +

    Dishwasher-safe bottle

  • +

    Wide range of flavoured syrups

  • +


Reasons to avoid
  • -

    A bit more expensive than the classic machines

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Soda Stream Art Review: Quick Menu

The SodaStream Art has been a game-changer in my home, saving my partner and I from buying crates of our favorite carbonated drinks from Costco. POV: I live with my fiancé who has a penchant for soda, which means that we are constantly stocking up on bottle after bottle of his go-to drinks. So, a few years back, in a bid to be a li’l more eco-conscious, we decided to invest in an OG SodaStream, which got plenty of use from both of us. He loved his must-have sodas throughout the day, and I crafted my gin and tonics (SodaStream sells tonic syrup which is *chef's kiss*, IYKYK). 

So you can imagine my joy when I had the option to try out the upgraded and enhanced version of the classic SodaStream, aka the SodaStream Art. 

Rated Amazon’s Choice of soda makers, this small kitchen appliance is super popular with shoppers, and after testing it out myself I can see why. JSYK, it’s even better than its OG counterpart and it's worth the extra $$$. 

But, what's so great about it? And why I am SO obsessed? Let's take a look! 

What I thought of the SodaStream Art

FYI, if you’re a fan of soda, you’ll be just as obsessed with this SodaStream as I am. Admittedly, SodaStreams may feel like a relic from the 70s (both my parents have told me multiple times how they had them growing up) but they’re honestly a total game-changer for drinks. Especially, if you're really into your soda. 

So, whether you've already got the classic SodaStream but you're keen to upgrade to the SodaStream Art (that's available to order from Amazon) or you've never had a SodaStream before but feel like you could benefit from one, this could just be your fave purchase of the whole year, for so many reasons. 

Why? Well, in a nutshell, it’s more compact, easier to use, and doesn’t require an electrical socket to work, which makes it ideal for kitchens like mine that seriously lack enough power outlets. Plus, the easy-fit gas canister that's unique to the new SodaStream models is a total dream compared to the saga of having to twist in the canister for the OG models. 

Plus, the fact it’s easy and quick to use makes it a great buy. Once you’ve set it up (just add the gas canister) all you need to do is fill the SodaStream bottle with water. Be careful not to fill it over the fill line. Then you can start making all your fave carbonated drinks at home. It's that easy!

Testing the Soda Stream Art


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Reviewed by
Beth Mahoney

I (Beth) reviewed the SodaStream Art for just under a month, using it day in, and day out. I used it to create lightly sparkling drinks as well as ultra-fizzy sodas, testing out all of the features. I tried using it for basic soda water (which I am now even more obsessed with) as well as flavored drinks made with the SodaStream syrup range, including Pepsi and 7UP.

Soda Stream Art important info

• Colors: black, blue, red, and white
• Size (in.): H9.64 x W6.81 x D16.93
• Material: Plastic
• Weight: 10.8lbs
• Bottle capacity: 1L

How to use the SodaStream Art

A SodaStream on a counter.

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The good news is that the machine is super simple to set up. FYI, I usually struggle with this kind of thing but it was a total breeze. Once you’ve removed the packaging, all you need to do is add the CO2 canister to the inside of the device and you’re good to go.

To do this, turn the machine around and apply pressure to the top of it, at the back, using one hand. At the same time use your other hand to take the back panel off the machine. Then, place the back to the side and lift up the panel at the top of the machine, before slotting the CO2 canister inside the machine, placing the bottom in first. Just make sure that before you add the canister you’ve removed the seal and lid from the top of the cylinder. Then, pull the panel back down, and pop the machine's back straight back on. From here, you’re good to go. 

For adding the bottle (filled with water, obvi) to the machine, all you need to do is put the bottle over the nozzle (making sure that the nozzle is inside), and then gently push the bottle backward against the silver bar, until it feels like it’s securely in place. 

Then, pull the nozzle down to release the CO2 into the water, creating the fizz. For a light fizz, pull the lever once. For a fizzier drink, pull it twice. 

To remove the bottle, carefully pull the silver bar and bottle forward, and it should easily click into place. 

Once you’ve removed the bottle from the machine, you can then add a capful of your go-to syrup or drink it as it is. 

What I love about the SodaStream Art

SodaStream Art on a countertop

(Image credit: Future / Beth Mahoney)
  • It’s easy to use I really like how simple and quick this machine is. I'm not one for anything too techy, so the fact that I was able to put this together on my first try and get it working within just a couple of minutes was a real win. 
  • It doesn’t require a power outlet — I love the fact that the SodaStream Art (and all SodaStreams for that matter) doesn't require a power outlet, meaning that you can position it anywhere. 
  • It’s compact The sleek design of the SodaStream Art means that it fits easily into any space, even my teeny tiny kitchen. 
  • There are lots of syrup flavors to choose from This means that whatever your tastes, there's a syrup flavor that's perfect for you. 
  • You can choose how much fizz you'd like your drink to contain   One pull of the handle adds a little bit of fizz, while two pulls (or more) add extra fizz, allowing you to control how fizzy your drink is. Which, for someone like me who only likes lightly sparkling drinks, is a total win. 
  • It's an upgrade from previous models: One of our team reviewed the SodaStream Spirit and mentioned that it felt a little plasticky. Though this model is made from plastic, the retro modern design feels more premium that it's previous conterpart.

What I don't love about the SodaStream art

  • It's a little loud while being used — When activated, the SodaStream is rather loud (it makes my dog bark) which is the one thing I don't love about the SodaStream Art. 

Good to know

If you're using syrups in your soda water, make sure that you add the syrup after you've carbonated the water, as adding the syrups before can break the machine.

To keep the water sparkling for longer, make sure to add the lid ASAP after carbonating and store it in the fridge until you're ready to drink. 

This machine is very similar to the Ninja Thirsti, which we've also reviewed. This machine works with flavor drops instead of syrups. 

Where to buy the Soda Stream Art

You can buy the Soda Stream Art direct from Soda Stream. Otherwise, it's also available at Macy's, Best Buy, and Amazon.

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