Emma Platform Bed review: great for renters and minimalists

Considering the Emma Platform Bed? From set up to sleep time, we've reviewed everything you'll need to know before fitting the sheets

Emma Platform Bed in bedroom without mattress, with artwork above the bed and two bedside tables
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Real Homes Verdict

The Emma platform bed is a brilliant buy if you're in need of an easy to assemble – and not to mention affordable – slatted bed frame. It'll suit you well if you don't want a headboard and want to keep the impact of furniture to a minimum in your bedroom, too. It arrives in a box and is ideal for renters and flat-owners, thanks to its compact footprint and the fact it offers space for under-bed storage. The instructions for a single frame aren't clear, though, so treat them as rough guidance rather than to a T.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Perfect for renters

  • +

    Easy to assemble

  • +

    Light enough to manoeuvre

  • +

    Slatted base

  • +

    Comes in a box

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Legs feel flimsy

  • -

    Instructions are for assembling a double

  • -

    Only available in black

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If you're in search of a new bed frame, then you should consider the Emma Platform Bed. We've spent hours testing this brilliant platform bed and putting it through its paces (what a tough job!). 

Whether you are searching for one for a newly decorated bedroom, or if it's to go hand-in-hand with one of the best mattresses, your bedroom deserves a good bed. And you deserve a good night's sleep (finally).

Luckily for us, whilst we were reviewing the Emma Platform Bed, we were also sent the Emma Premium to try out for size in our newly created guest room/study. We reviewed it in a single. Although this isn't our main bed it is frequently used as a guest bed. Either way, this review is worth a read so you can decide whether or not it's the best bed for you, and if it will fit your space as well as your budget.

Emma Platform Bed specifications

Emma Platform Bed frame in black

(Image credit: Emma)
  • Distance between slats: 4–4.5cm
  • Bed base: 90 x 190 x 3 cm
  • Total height: 25cm
  • Weight (approx): 14kg
  • Assembly time (approx): 40 minutes
  • Available in: single, small double, double and kingsize

Who is the Emma Platform Bed designed for?

Perfect for renters, flat-owners or anyone who is trying to squeeze a bed into a small space, this frame arrives in a teeny box that's easy to lug up stairs or pivot (F.R.I.E.N.D.S style, of course) around doorways. It requires assembly prior to laying a mattress to rest over it, and the bed frame doesn't have a headboard meaning it will fit into tricky spaces with ease. 

What's more? As well as being sturdy, stylish and comfortable, it offers space underneath, in between the floor and the frame, for storing everything from seasonal clothes to shoes and anything else you want to hide away.

Finally, you may not know that many mattresses are designed to be used on beds with slats that are not more than a certain distance apart. Some cheap bed frames skimp on materials meaning the slats may not be at regular enough intervals to support your mattress properly. A bed frame like this – designed precisely for use with an Emma mattress – is the best way to ensure your mattress is cared for the right way.

What was delivery and assembly like?

The bed frame was delivered flat packed in a cardboard box. It was light enough for us to lift and take up the stairs (although we did need to be careful to not take out any light fittings).

To open the box we laid it on the floor. There were four lengths of packing tape which needed to be cut through and that was all that was securing the box together. 

emma platform bed delivery

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Inside the box, we found; instructions, 14 slats, two double anthracite-coloured slats, four legs and all the fixtures and fittings. Since I was embarking on assembling the bed frame myself, I decided to read the instructions first. I'm glad I did this because it helped me to identify which parts went where by laying them all out in the space we had allocated in the room. However, it did feel like I was reading about assembling the double bed frame which threw me off course somewhat. It is really self-explanatory though so just use the instructions as guidance.

The main frame slotted together pretty simply, although I did struggle to get the final joins connected. To overcome this I loosened up a couple of the other bends in the frame to readjust and realign them all.

emma platform bed frame with no legs

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Once the frame was all slotted together, I screwed the legs on. Aligning the legs with the bed frame was key so I could get the screw through the hole. You may find that the frame will need a little more adjusting so it can all be secured.

emma platform bed with frame and legs

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After this, the next step was to pop the slats on. The two double anthracite-coloured slats went in first – grey colour facing upwards – because they were going in the middle. I then worked outwards, putting on the slat caps to each slat and securing them in the allocated slot on the frame.

emma platform bed frame with slats

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It took me approximately 40 minutes to assemble the bed frame. This is not a strength of mine, assembling things, and I didn't use any tools like a wooden hammer which would have probably sped things up a little. As always if there are two of you putting the bed together it would be much quicker.

Emma Platform Bed performance

Emma Platform Bed Frame in room with things underneath the bed

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This single slatted bed frame has been perfect for the Emma Premium mattress, and our needs.

The mattress is well supported and causes no wobbles or unnecessary movement, although the legs do feel a bit flimsy compared to our kingsize wooden bed frame. The slatted base means that the mattress can breath and retain it's comfort whilst adapting to the body weight. And if we need to move the bed for whatever reason, it's light enough to do so and there is no imprint on the carpet from the weight – although this may occur over a prolonged use.

We particularly like the bed frame because it has no head board. It means that we can have it tucked up against a window without any obstruction. During the day and when it is not in use for a few days or weeks, we use the bed as a sofa so the single-size and headboard-less option works perfectly for us in the guest bedroom.


Emma Platform Bed with mattress ontop

(Image credit: Emma)

The design is compact and will fit in to even the most limiting of spaces, so long as you can fit a mattress in there. Between the frame and the floor, there's 25cm of height space so you can easily slide things under the bed to optimise storage.

The bed frame itself is made from a combination of metal and wood. The SmartBase (bed base) is a black metal structure, painted in a polyester coating to ensure zero solvent emission and is fully protected from corrosion. All 14 slats are made from FSC-certified natural wood, and the feet have polypropylene end caps.

Emma Platform Bed corner with basket under the bed

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Ordering and delivery of the Emma Platform Bed

The Emma Platform Bed is available to buy direct from Emma Sleep.  Shipping is free and it'll be delivered to your door within one to three working days. You can choose your preferred time slot when you receive delivery notification and, on the day, you'll receive a notification of the estimated time of delivery.

You can also buy the Emma Platform bed from Amazon.

Should I buy the Emma Platform bed?

emma platform bed frame fully assembled

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If you want a bed frame which is affordable, easy to assemble and doesn't have a headboard then we can recommend the Emma Platform bed. We've found that it is a comfortable choice and it's deceptively sturdy, despite the legs which are on first impression a bit flimsy.

It is only available in black, however, so it may not suit the colour scheme in every bedroom. That said, this style of bed frame will soon be obscured by your choice of mattress and bedding, so once dressed, little of it is visible (unless you get level with it).

We feel that the assembly instructions could also be clearer but, really, this bed frame is so simple to put together you'll (probably) find that you are only looking at them for reference.

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