Hot sleeper? This is by far the coolest pillow I've ever slept on — in more ways than one

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Although expensive, if you're a hot sleeper then this pillow is the investment that you need to make for an uninterrupted night's sleep. It's so cool to the touch and never gets warm, while it's totally adjustable in fill and height based on the position you sleep. While it comes with a washable case, though, its fill is spot clean only.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Adjustable height

  • +

    Super cool — no need to flip your pillow

  • +

    Great stability

  • +

    100-night trial

  • +

    5-year warranty

  • +


  • +

    GreenGuard Gold and CertiPUR-US® certified

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Not the most affordable

  • -

    Spot clean only

  • -

    Most effective without using with a sham

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Coop Eden Cool + Pillow Review: Quick Menu

We're currently on a quest to test the highest-rated pillows that you can buy online. Yes, this means that I've been spending the last couple of months sleeping on different types of pillows. Actually, let me rephrase that: I've managed to rope my husband into testing different types of pillows, as I am currently pregnant which means that even if I slept on a pillow worth $1,000, I still wouldn't get a good night's sleep. Ah, the joys. Anyway, it turns out that he's the perfect person for this job because he's as hot as a radiator at night (I'm sure he won't mind me outing him as a sweaty sleeper) and is forever flipping his pillow to get it feeling cold again.

Well, not anymore. Thanks to the Coop Eden Cool+ Pillow which is soooo cool to the touch it's actually incredible. In fact, we've got in a habit of showing this pillow to our friends and watching their mouths drop in shock as they touch it and realize just how cold it actually is. So, the verdict is that this is the best cooling pillow around, but it's also genius because you can adjust its fill based on the way you sleep to ensure it's a comfortable fit for everyone.

How does my husband sleep? He's a side sleeper who sometimes rolls onto his back.  Although this pillow is thick, he does use it with another pillow underneath. He did add all of the extra filling to this pillow, though. If you wanna know a little more, here's what he loved and didn't love about this Coop Eden Cool+ Pillow...

What I thought of the Coop Eden Cool+ Pillow

Coop Eden Cool+ Pillow label on corner

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My husband has tested his fair share of pillows over the past couple of years (all thanks to my job, that is) and he is usually a strict memory foam guy. He loves the stuff, which works out great because as a front sleeper, I cannot stand it. While this pillow isn't solid foam like others he has slept on, it is stuffed with 100% virgin foam fill which you can remove and add, depending on how thick you like your pillow. While he is a side sleeper who rolls onto his back, he loves a thick pillow, so he slept on it as it was for a while and then decided to add the rest of the filling — it was after this he found it perfect. It's also worth noting that the pillow has two sides, one of which is more soft and the other more firm so you can flip it based on whichever side is more comfortable.

The long and short is that he loves this pillow and quite honestly struggles to sleep without it. He has been testing it in the summer so he might end up switching to a different pillow in the winter, but he says that the pillow never gets warm and he never has to flip it. Another thing he loves about it is the fact it's hypoallergenic as he suffers from allergies so this is a must-have factor in a pillow for him.

The only thing I dislike about it is the washing instructions it comes with. Because we have a dog who loves to get on the bed and cozy up with us, I prefer having a pillow that's washable in the machine. This one is spot clean only which is annoying, though you can wash its cover. He also prefers to use it without a sham as this is when it's most effective. This means that it is a little slippery when used on top of another pillow — it will just slide away from it. It's very much a lone pillow because it's very thick with all of the fill added and it offers great stability.

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Coop Eden Cool+ pillow results
ComfortAdjustable depending on the way you sleep making it suitable for everyone.★★★★★
DesignNot washable but the cover is.★★★★
Price More expensive than other pillows but we think it's worth the money.★★★★
PackagingIt arrives rolled and in a box. Not too much spare packaging.★★★★★

Testing the Coop Eden Cool+ pillow

Coop Eden Cool+ Pillow label on corner

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Reviewed by
Annie Collyer author image
Reviewed by
Annie Collyer

I'm Annie and I've been testing products for Real Homes since 2018. I've tested a fair few pillows including Coop's Original Pillow. Since I am not a hot sleeper, I had my husband test this cooling pillow and I've quizzed him on everything there is to know about it. He's been sleeping on it for more than a month at the time of writing this review.

Coop Eden Cool+ pillow info

  • Filling: 100% virgin foam fill
  • Firmness: Medium-firm
  • Cover: Viscose polyurethane foam w/gel and polyester fiber
  • Care: Spot clean/machine wash and tumble dry cover on low
  • Price: $139

How to use the Coop Eden Cool+ pillow

Coop Eden Cool+ Pillow info card blue

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As with most adjustable pillows, there are different ways to use them depending on whether you prefer to position yourself on your front, back, or side. This is the same guidance that is given for the Coop Original Pillow, FYI.

Back sleepers should remove about one-quarter of the filling of this pillow.

Front sleepers should remove about a third of the filling of this pillow.

Side sleepers like my husband should try the pillow as it is initially. Then, add or remove filling as needed to get comfy.

Once it's at the thickness you like, use a mirror or get someone to take a photo of you lying on it, in your sleep position. If your neck is tilted upwards, remove some filling. If it's sloping downwards, add some more. Essentially, you want your spine to be fully aligned for the most comfortable sleep.

Coop Eden Cool+ Pillow inside the cover

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What I loved about the Coop Eden Cool+ Pillow

Coop Eden Cool+ Pillow laying on bed

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It's super cool to the touch — and it stays cool
It's quite hard to believe but this pillow is cold to the touch. Especially when next to your average non-cooling pillow, this is very noticeable. It's less noticeable when there's a sham on top of it, but you can still feel it on your face when snoozing. It also manages to stay cool throughout the night meaning you never have to flip your pillow for coldness again.

It comes in two sizes
Choose from a king or queen size, depending on the size of your bed. If you like a large pillow, go for a king.

It has two sides
There are two sides to this pillow. Thanks to its cover, one side is slightly more firm than the other. This also makes it great for tailoring to your sleep position.

It's designed for all sleepers
Yes, this pillow is designed for all sleepers. It comes with a bunch of extra filling that you can add or remove fill based on how you sleep, but this might take a few tries to get right.

It's non-toxic
Yes, the memory foam that this pillow is stuffed with is non-toxic, so you don't have to stress about what you're breathing in while you sleep. This also means that it comes with certifications — CertiPUR-US and GreenGuard Gold.

It's hypoallergenic
Its cross-cut memory foam is indeed hypoallergenic, which is great if your partner or roommate has allergies.

It comes with a warranty and trial
You get a standard 100-night trial with this pillow to ensure you like it, then after that, it's covered for five years under warranty if anything goes wrong.

It's made in the USA
You're not buying a pillow that's being shipped from the other side of the globe. This one is made right here in the US, which is how the brand is able to ship quickly and for free.

Coop Eden Cool+ Pillow without cover on

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What I didn't love about the Coop Eden Cool+ Pillow

Coop Eden Cool+ Pillow measuring depth on bed

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It's not the cheapest of pillows
It's a lot more expensive than the brand's original pillow at $139, but to be fair I definitely can justify the price because the technology is quite incredible. So long as it lasts and stays cool for its entire use and even after several cover washes, it's definitely worth the splurge.

It's not washable
You cannot wash the actual pillow, which for some might be a real game-changer. Yes, this is super frustrating but the good thing is that you can wash its cover and it can be spot-cleaned if need be. Just something to bear in mind. I've washed the cover of the pillow several times now and it has come out of the machine looking exactly how it should.

It works best without a sham
Annoyingly, while it does still feel cool inside a sham, it is the most effective without one on. It's not uncomfortable per se, but this isn't the feel that you might be used to. Its cover is washable which is fine, otherwise, we found that it works great with a silk pillowcase as this is naturally quite cool, too.

It's definitely a single pillow
By this, I mean that it's more or less designed to be used as a lone pillow, not on top of any other pillow. Its cooling factor becomes less effective when you wrap it in a sham, so it's much better used with the washable cover it comes with if you're an especially hot sleeper. Doing this means that this pillow if placed on top of another, will just slide away from it.

Coop Eden Cool+ Pillow filling

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Good to know

Coop Eden Cool+ Pillow in box

(Image credit: Future/Annie Collyer)

Much like the other Coop pillows I've tested, this pillow came rolled and vacuum-packed in a pretty tiny box. Once you cut the plastic, it will fully inflate. The instructions say to fluff it up by hand and leave it somewhere to fully expand for over 24 hours before sleeping on it.

I was also sent two more of these pillows, which contain the same cooling technology but are different in shape. These are the Eden Cool+ Cut-Out and the Eden Cool+ Crescent. These are both super cooling, adjustable, and spot clean only. The only difference between these two pillows and the Coop Eden Cool+ is the shape.

Where to buy the Coop Eden Cool+ Pillow

You can buy this pillow direct from Coop Home Goods for $139 with free shipping. Otherwise, it's also available to buy at Amazon for $139, too.

How we reviewed this Coop Eden Cool+ Pillow

Coop Pillows x 4 in boxes laying on bed

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As with everything we review, we make sure to pair our reviewer and the product we need to review to ensure they work well together. This is why I selected my husband to review this pillow instead of me because I do not sleep hot whatsoever so it's possible that I wouldn't have even noticed a pleasant difference in my sleep.

I was sent all of the pillows you can buy at Coop Home Goods to review, so I am making my way through them (with help from my husband). 

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