What £150,000 gets first-time buyers around the UK

Worried your first-time buyer budget of £150,000 won't bag you a dream home? You'll be surprised by what you can buy

Property for sale for under £150,000 in Chorley
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Ah finally, you've stopped squandering your money on avocado toast and saved up enough to start seriously thinking about buying yourself some bricks and mortar. We are going to assume that since the property market is a bit of a sham at the moment, the budget for first time buyers isn't huge, so we have rounded up some of the nicest property for sale across the UK that come it at under £150,000. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised...

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1. A one bedroom apartment in London

Wahey, look at that, you can buy property in London for £150,000. And no, it's not a parking space. If you are looking to get an 'affordable' property in the world's second most expensive city, then you are probably looking at going down the Shared Ownership route (we explain the ins and outs of Shared Ownership in our guide so go and have a read through that).

With this pretty snazzy one bed apartment, you can buy a 40 per cent share for the low low price of £150,000. All the apartments in this block come with newly fitted kitchens (nice), their own private balconies (very nice) and are just a short walk from Ikea (right, when can we move in?). 

Price: From £150,000 for a 40 per cent share

Property for sale in London for under £150,000

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2. A two bedroom houseboat in Brighton 

For first time buyers looking for something a bit different, this houseboat could be the one. Moored in Brighton Marina, this property is just a few minutes from Brighton city centre, plus there are loads of bars and restaurants on site at the marina. The houseboat looks pretty funky from the outside, but we don't hate it, and it's actually pretty light and spacious once inside. 

Price: £126,100

Houseboat for sale in Brighton

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3. A lakeside apartment in Bristol

Set within 10 acres of beautiful private land, this lakeside complex is still just 15 minutes from Bristol city centre. There's even a bloomin' orchard, a communal allotment and fishing pegs (coz what first-time buyer doesn't want a place to fish right on their doorstep?). Oh, and there is a communal gym too. 

Price: £150,000

Property for sale in Bristol for under £150,000

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4. A two bedroom cottage in Lancashire 

If you are a first time buyer looking for a period property filled with traditional features, it's not impossible to find something for around £150,000. This stone cottage in the Lancashire village of Chorley has everything you could want from a charming first home – a lovely garden, wooden beams, a cute, if not slightly twee, name (Wayside Cottage). 

Price: £150,000

Property for sale for under £150,000 in Chorley

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5. A mews property in Doncaster 

Ahh how cute is this property? It's a two bed, detached mews-style house, that's recently been renovated to a really high spec. The top floor is a lovely, light, open plan kitchen/living area with exposed beams. The two bedrooms and the Jack and Jill bathroom are all on the ground floor. We think property this might be a bit of a steal. 

Price: £150,000

Mews property for sale for under £150,00 in Doncaster

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6. A two bedroom house in Birmingham 

First-time buyers looking to put down roots in Birmingham, this property really has everything you could want. A second bedroom, garden, driveway for parking and it's only 15 minutes outside the city centre.

Price: £150,000

Property for sale for under £150,000 in Birmingham

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7. A one bedroom apartment in Nottingham

Situated in the middle of one of Nottingham's most sought after areas, The Park Estate, this property might not be huge, but in terms of location you really couldn't get much better. Plus with a bit of TLC and some vision, this flat could be transformed into something really beaut. Anddd, it's technically under budget so you would have a bit left over to do the place up (or, you know, just add to the avocado toast fund).  

Price: £125,000

Property for sale in Nottingham for under £150,000

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8. A two bedroom flat in Liverpool 

Your budget of £150,000 could stretch a lot further than a two bed flat in Liverpool, but the location of this property is the actual dream for young homeowners. Lark Lane is buzzing with cool shops, bars and restaurants (lots of top notch avo on toast options here) plus the lovely Sefton Park is only across the road. 

Price: £140,000

Property for sale for under £150,00 in Liverpool

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