Sofa in a box: the new foldaway essential for renters

Looks like the mattress in a box craze is catching on

Elephant in a box
(Image credit: Elephant in a box)

You've probably all heard of a mattress in a box – we're quite keen on them, as you'll see in our buyer's guide. But now it looks like the in-a-box trend is catching on and expanding beyond the realms of just mattresses to other pieces of essential furniture. 'What next? Sofa in a box?' we hear you say. Well, yes. 

Touted to launch in September 2019 with the help of a Kickstarter campaign, Elephant in a Box have developed a foldable and portable sofa that can be assembled by one person in less than five minutes and disassembled in less than two minutes – no tools, screws or hardware needed. Nifty.

Elephant in a box portable sofa compact

(Image credit: Elephant in a box)

Engineered using honeycomb technology, Elephant in a Box sofas are able to expand and recover their shape after being unpacked – kind of like an accordion does. Once expanded, you simply stick the cushions on it. This honeycomb design makes it both lightweight and foldable – while still durable (it can hold up to 400 times its weight). Maybe should have been called Ant in a Box.

Why make a deal about this clever invention? Well, with the rise of Generation Rent, which we talk about pretty relentlessly within our news pages, this type of furniture is sure to be more and more in demand. Perfect for renters who move a lot, or for students who need to conveniently pack away their furnishings at the end of every term, this sofa could even work for people who live in smallish flats and only occasionally need extra seating – when Christmas comes, for example. Yes, they'd need the storage space for it, but hey, it's in a box and, as you can see from the pictures, the box isn't that big. 

(Second) best of all, the sofa itself actually looks pretty cute and it's said to be really comfy, too (we'll let you know when we get our hands on one). 

Elephant in a box portable sofa demo

(Image credit: Elephant in a box)

These sofas are only available to pre-order at the moment as there is still six days to go on its Kickstarter goal, so if this sounds like something you need in your home, head over to Kickstarter and get backing them! Plus if you back them now you can pre-order the sofa for just 44 percent of its future retail price: that's only £345. And you can get your hands on a matching ottoman or just £94. So, are you in on the furniture in a box craze or what?

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