Small home? Hot sleeper? This wall-mounted fan is on sale for £39.99

We've spotted a bargain wall-mounted fan at Amazon today. Great for parents or pet owners, you could even pop this fan in an office – home or not

Duronic Wall Mounted Fan in office
(Image credit: Duronic)

It seems that summer isn't quite over for us guys in the UK, especially as fan deals are still making an appearance online and the weather is only looking to get warmer. Whether you never got round to buying one this summer or have been convincing yourself you've not enough space for one, now's the best time to buy. Fans are, of course, a summer purchase meaning quite a lot of them are on sale right now for the end of summer. Don't have the time to look for one yourself? We've found a wall-mounted fan at Amazon – to save precious floor space – and it's only £39.99. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best fans you can buy if you live in a small home.

The Duronic Wall Mounted Fan is easy to fit, it oscillates and it features five aerodynamic blades to generate more cool air than standard 4-blade fans. That and it makes less noise while doing so. Whether you have little storage space or don't want a fan to take over your desk area, this model can be wall-mounted with ease. This also moves it far out of the way from inquisitive children and pets, and, positioning the fan higher up than on a surface or the floor also makes it easier for cool air to circulate around the room. With three speed settings and a unique timer function that can be set for up to 7.5 hours, it can even be controlled via remote. A great buy for your bedroom, living room or even a home office. It's easier than getting air conditioning installed, that's for sure.

Now just £39.99 instead of £49.99, this wall-mounted fan is a bargain. Buy now and use for the rest of September – it's supposed to get HOT in the coming weeks – and be prepared for the warm weather come spring 2021. See this deal below.

Duronic Wall Mounted Fan

(Image credit: Duronic)

Duronic Wall Mounted Fan | Was £49.99, now £39.99 at Amazon
This powerful fan boasts a 60watt motor to have an effect on the temperature of a room, fast. It boasts 3 speed settings from slow to super fast, and also a wind mode to simulate a natural breeze, should you not want to open your windows for whatever reason. Not only does it oscillate but it can be tilted up or down, too, and it's easy to mount. You don't even have to leave it up year-round – take it down from its hook and store away when it's cold outside.

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