Exclusive: Shea McGee shares her top tips for decorating on a budget

The Dream Home Makeover presenter and Insta star gives super-useful advice on how to make your home look amazing and save money

shea mcgee white kitchen
(Image credit: Lucy Call)

Shea McGee is becoming our favorite Netflix presenter at RealHomes – her talent for home makeovers is undeniable. And even before she co-hosted the Dream Home Makeover show with husband Syd, McGee was giving us some serious house envy with her gorgeous Instagram account. 

Shea & Syd started out by documenting the makeover of their home in California on Insta, and eventually founded Studio McGee, a homeware and furniture brand. With so much experience of decorating under her belt, Shea is exactly the person you want to give you advice on how to make your home look better. We sat down with her for an exclusive interview. Here, Shea gives her top tips for decorating on a budget. 

We asked Shea if she had any tips for instantly making a home look nicer without spending too much. We loved her answers, because they're genuinely helpful to someone who doesn't have a lot to spend on a house makeover. 

Fresh flowers have always been used to give a room an instant uplift, but they can cost a lot if you're buying from a florist. Shea advises to forage for flowers instead:

I love using foraged flowers and stems to transform my home, especially when it comes to the fall season. I actually carry a pair of clippers in my glove box, so I’m always prepared!

Shea McGee

If you want to take it a step further, then soft furnishings are a failsafe way to give a room a cozy, stylish look without overspending.  Shea explains that she like 'to incorporate a blanket or a couple of new pillows on my sofa if I’m looking to change things up.'  

And what about Shea's favorite resources for inexpensive decor? We don't blame her for recommending the excellent Threshold designed with Studio McGee line for Target – it's so pretty, yet so affordable. As Shea sums up, the line 'gives everyone the chance to bring that intentionally designed, but approachable feel into their home, no matter their budget!'  

What we really like is how you can shop items from Shea's Instagram looks, from cushions and throws to furniture. You'll already have a pretty good idea of what the different things will look like in a real interior setting, so you can choose what will look great in your own home. Our favorite at the moment is the Living Room Holiday Collection (pictured in the Insta post above). The soft colors, natural materials, and minimalist design will work for so many people, and everything is very budget-friendly. Go McGee.  

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