Pizza dough recipe: how to make pizza dough like Jamie Oliver

This Jamie Oliver inspired pizza dough recipe is just what you need if you fancy a treat dinner

how to make pizza dough
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You can't go wrong with the perfect pizza dough recipe – especially when it's inspired by Jamie Oliver himself. We've covered the basics of how to make pizza dough before. But given that perfecting a pizza base is something of an art, we were keen to see how Jamie Oliver does it, and whether he achieves a better outcome...It's safe to say that we were not disappointed.

From tips on how to get the most from your yeast, to choosing the best flour to make your pizza base sing – Jamie Oliver has a few tips and tricks up his sleeve that have helped us perfect our pizza bases in a big way. And the base is where the magic  happens. Get yours right, then load it up with all of your favourite toppings whether you're team pepperoni and mushroom, or prefer the roasted veg and goats cheese approach...

Discover how Jamie Oliver does it below, then head over to our food hub for more recipe ideas and inspiration.

How to make pizza dough like Jamie Oliver

Below you'll find all of Jamie Oliver's top tips on how to make pizza dough and get it right every time. It's easier than you might think, provided you take into account his tips and tricks. Here's everything you need to know:


  • White bread flour, or Tipo '00' flour, 500 grams (we find the latter works the best)
  • Sea salt, a good pinch
  • Dried yeast, one 7 gram packet
  • Golden caster sugar, half a tablespoon
  • Olive oil, two tablespoons
  • Lukewarm water, 325 millilitres


1. Jamie Oliver sieves his flour straight onto the work surface and makes a small well in the middle. However, if you're particularly fearful of this approach, there's nothing wrong with preparing your dough in a mixing bowl.

2. In a separate jug, combine the yeast, sugar and oil with water. You should begin to see it slightly bubble, which means the yeast has been activated. After a few minutes, pour this mixture into the well.

3. Next, Jamie Oliver advises using a fork to work all of the flour into the liquid mixture. Once combined, you can get your hands involved and begin kneading until you achieve a springy dough.

4. Next, Jamie Oliver sets his dough aside in a large, flour-dusted bowl with a layer of flour sprinkled on top. He covers it with a damp cloth and leaves to prove in a warm room until it has doubled in size – this should take around one hour.

5. Once an hour is up, Jamie Oliver removes the dough from the bowl, knocks out all of the air and kneads for a few more minutes.

6. Jamie Oliver then recommends rolling out the dough around 20 minutes before you intend on using it, topping with your choice of meat, veg and cheese.

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