Pet-friendly rentals are a priority post lockdown – here's where to look

Finding a pet-friendly rental property can still be a struggle, but these UK cities are up to speed with the demand for pet-friendly housing

Pet-friendly rentals: flat in Hounslow, London
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If you've ever looked for pet-friendly rentals, you'll know that securing a property that will allow pets can be a challenge, to put it mildly. Despite numerous campaigns and comparisons with European countries (most of them allow pets in rentals as standard), getting turned out as a tenant with furry dependents is still sadly a common occurrence. 

Yet there's plenty of evidence that landlords that turn down renters with pets are missing out on responsible, long-term tenants – and missing out on a huge surge in demand for pet-friendly rentals, since the Covid-19 lockdown. According to brand-new data from Movebubble, searches for homes that allow pets have more than doubled, especially in big UK cities.

In London, the demand for pet-friendly rentals has gone up 104 per cent; in Manchester, the figure is even more impressive – 140 per cent. Interestingly, these also happen to be the two cities with the most pet-friendly landlords – London's Canary Wharf and Camden, and Manchester's Salford Quays top the list of UK areas with the most rentals that will allow pets. 

'With millions of people now working from home or on extended furlough, many have taken the opportunity to quench long-held aspirations to have a pet to keep them company,' Aidan Rushby, CEO of Movebubble, comments. 

'While today’s forced remote working culture has been an adjustment for lots of Brits, many are looking forward to the possibility of working from home more after the pandemic subsides – suggesting we could see this burgeoning trend continuing. 

'As pet owners ourselves, we know how it can be more challenging to find a home that accepts pets. The good news is things are changing. Earlier in the year, housing secretary Robert Jenrick called on landlords to make it easier for tenants renting a property with pets, so homeowners are being actively encouraged to consider responsible tenants with furry friends.'

Wondering what kind properties you could rent with pets? How about this gorgeous three-bedroom flat in Hounslow (below) – not only is it pet friendly, but there's also a balcony, and an on-site gym. Yours for £2,290 per month.

(Image credit: Movebubble)

Or, if you're in Manchester, how about this cool and modern apartment (below) offering stunning views of the city? You can rent the two-bed for £1,550 per month. 

Pet-friendly flat in Manchester

(Image credit: Movebubble)

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