Over half of home buyers don't have a survey – then live to regret it

New survey reveals Brits don't spend enough time choosing their homes, then suffer from buyer's remorse

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Home ownership is the ultimate dream for very many of us, but, as a new survey conducted by Terry’s Fabrics reveals, many of those who do own a house find that it brings them more trouble than joy. It turns out that more than a third of us aren't all that happy with our homes, with over a quarter (26 per cent) believing that it would take more than £20,000 to transform their house into the home of their dreams. 

On average, it takes about two years of remodelling, refurbishing, and other adjustments for homeowners to reach the point where they are finally satisfied with their property, while a quarter of respondents were so unhappy they thought it was better to up sticks and move, rather than plough any more resources into their home. 

What irks new homeowners the most (heads up to anyone considering the following 'home improvements')? Unsurprisingly, woodchip was cited as the most hated interior feature (by 30 per cent of the respondents), followed by Artex walls and ceilings (24 per cent), carpeted bathrooms (23 per cent) and statement walls (15 per cent). Moreover, over a third encounter more issues with the property than they had anticipated before moving in. 

What all these stats are pointing to is that a surprising number of home buyers don't give the decision to go through with a house purchase enough thought – in fact, over half of home buyers do not commission an independent property survey before signing, believing it to be 'not worth the money'. Yet compared to the high costs of renovating or refurbishing an unsatisfactory property, the several hundred pounds' worth of a survey report will not only alert you to any potential problems and defects, but can also potentially deter you from a purchase you will regret. 

So, our advice is to always get as much information about the property as you can before you move in – and, always think about how much DIY you can/are prepared to do. (Read our guide to surveys, too, for helpful hints.)

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