Our top-rated dehumidifier is on sale at Appliances Direct

Why buy this dehumidifier? It's the only way to dry washing, banish mould and combat condensation in January

electriQ 12 litre Low Energy Dehumidifier
(Image credit: electriQ)

Buying yourself a dehumidifier? It's January, the cold weather is here and we cannot remember the last day it didn't rain. If you rely on the warm weather to dry your clothes, you'd best invest in a dehumidifier while prices are cheap. Recently found mould growing in your spare room? A dehumidifier can combat this and banish mould spores. And right now, our best-rated model is on sale at Appliances Direct – you couldn't have picked a better time to shop.

The electriQ 12 litre Low Energy Dehumidifier is down from £179.97 to £159.97, and it's easy to use, has great safety features and it boasts a timer mode. More on that below.

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electriQ 12 litre Low Energy Dehumidifier | Was £179.97, now £159.97
Rated our best dehumidifier for a reason, this electriQ model is suitable for homes with up to three bedrooms. It has UV sterilisation built in to get rid of pollen, smoke, dust and allergens, and it features a laundry mode. On the front there's a coloured ring – this will light up green when the humidity levels in your home are right, orange when humidity is above recommended and red if it's too high. The tank can hold four litres of water and it's antibacterial as well as anti-spill for your safety. The best part? The machine features a timer mode so it can work its magic while you're out of the house.View Deal

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