Marie Kondo your life with 20% off storage at John Lewis & Partners

Want to know what really sparks joy? An incredible 20% off storage from John Lewis & Partners

grey storage boxes from john lewis & partners

Oh, Marie Kondo, will we ever get enough of you and your KonMari decluttering method? Not likely. So, whether you're packing away winter clothes in preparation for the sunnier months or you're undertaking the annual garden shed declutter, you'll likely be on the hunt for handy storage solutions designed to help you embrace your inner organiser and effectively streamline your life. 

Luckily for you, John Lewis & Partners are offering an incredible 20 per cent off* selected storage right now. And if that doesn't 'spark joy' (as Marie would say), we don't know what will. From sustainable baskets and under bed storage made from recycled plastic, to air tight storage boxes perfect for protecting knitwear during the warmer months, you're sure to find something that suits your requirements.

Below you'll find some of our favourite storage picks and our suggestions on how they can help you get organised.

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1. Pick air tight containers to store knitwear and extra bedding until next winter

It's finally beginning to look like summer, so what better time to pack away your old winter clothes and extra bedding in preparation for what (we hope) will be a few months of sun. 

These large SmartStore by Orthex Classic 50 Plastic Storage Boxes are perfect for storing winter essentials in your shed, garage or loft until the cooler times roll back around. 

clear storage boxes from john lewis & partners

(Image: © John Lewis & Partners)

2. Opt for slimline solutions that will squeeze under the bed

If you don't have space – hello, urban renters – for large storage boxes, consider opting for a slimline version that you could slide under the bed, under the sofa or on top of a wardrobe. These Smartstore by Orthex Underbed Plastic Storage Boxes are a great example and currently have an incredible 20 per cent off. 

slimline underbed storage boxed from john lewis & partners

(Image: © John Lewis & Partners)

3. Organise your rubbish – and help save the planet – with a handy recycling separation unit

Recycling is one of the easiest first steps we can all make towards helping the environment. But, if you hate the idea of cluttering a small kitchen with various bins for food, general waste, recyclable waste and whatever else, the Joseph Joseph Intelligent Waste Totem Recycling Separation Unit could be just what you've been looking for. It comes with multiple compartments that allow you to separate rubbish easily and effectively. Plus, there's an incredible 30 per cent off right now.

Joseph Joseph Intelligent Waste Totem Recycling Separation Unit from John Lewis & Partners

(Image: © John Lewis & Partners)

4. Keep laundry and other cleaning essentials at hand

Crossing over, slightly, into the Mrs Hinch realm, we love the idea of using these handy SmartStore by Orthex Recycled Plastic Baskets to keep laundry and other cleaning essentials at hand. Grab 20 per cent off now.

storage basket with laundry essentials by john lewis & partners

(Image: © John Lewis & Partners)

*20% off included in price