has launched a new collection in collaboration with 2LG – and it's super pretty

We want everything from the new Made x 2LG collab x 2LG
(Image credit: has launched its brand-new collection in collaboration with 2LG Studio, and we're very excited. already enjoys an unrivalled reputation for sleek, contemporary furniture designs that fit right into any modern room, but this new collection takes the brand's savvy for contemporary trends and gives it a charming, retro twist.

Elements of Mid-century decor ideas meet soft, contemporary colours Made aficionados will instantly recognize, especially those mellow pinks and creams. x 2LG

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2LG is an interior design studio founded by Russell Whitehead and Jordan Cluroe, and you may recognise them from the Channel 4's reboot of the classic show Changing Rooms. If there's one phrase that can summarise this design studio it's: bold statements. Fearless use of colour combined with strong shapes is what 2LG is known for, and the new collection reflects their love of curves and striking colour combinations (think blue and pink). x 2LG

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2LG are also known for their arch references and wiggle motifs – both have been worked into the collection and add a unique dimension to the fibreglass tables, carved wood furniture and statement home accessories. You can mix and match the nine pieces from the collection, but any one of them will also do wonders for uplifting a room decor in need of a fresh touch. 

Texture is another big part of the collection, with each piece coming with its own unique finish and feel, from smooth fibreglass to softly grained wood to rich boucle for the armchairs. x 2LG

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Russell and Jordan admit that their favourite piece from the collection is the blue drinks cabinet, although the lamps come a close second – especially if you want something a little less dramatic that will work with your existing decor. 

Commenting on the collaboration, 2LG said: 'Our work is all about statement pieces with an unexpected edge – a wiggle here, a squiggle there – and contrasting tones. With MADE, we’ve created a collection of fun investment pieces that’ll set the tone in your space and help you express who you are.'

We don't know how about you, but we're eyeing up that blue armchair – isn't it the perfect retro/contemporary hybrid piece for a living room? We just hope that we'll be able to get for less with Made discount codes at some point soon.

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