Luxury furnishings can now be made from recycled plastic bottles

Duvets, pillows and rugs made from recycled plastic... blinds made from recycled polyester... Eco no longer means a compromise on quality with these innovative home products

Duette Energy Saving Blinds Mid Blue
(Image credit: Duette)

Want to make your home more eco-friendly? You needn't fork out on installing solar panels and you can do much more than just recycling your rubbish. Recent advances in material production technology mean that you can introduce sustainable and recycled materials into every area of the home (even that lair of comfort, the bedroom). These products are leading the way in protecting the environment – saving you money in the process. 

1. The eco duvet

A good duvet is a must for sleeping well, and an item many householders are prepared to research extensively and invest in. Now, recycled bottles aren't exactly what comes to mind when choosing luxury bedding, but The Fine Bedding Company has managed to create just that, a luxury duvet made entirely from recycled PET. Even the cover is made from recycled plastic – you can't get much more eco-friendly than that! And how does the duvet feel? 'Silky soft', according to the company. The Eco Duvet costs from £45 for a single.

The Fine Bedding Company Eco Duvet

The Fine Bedding Company Eco Duvet

(Image credit: The Fine Bedding Company)

2. The pillow that mimics goose down 

vGoose down pillows are the ultimate in bedding luxury; they also are hideously expensive and problematic for the eco-conscious (and out of the question for vegans). Brand new Smartdown technology uses recycled plastic which is spun to create an airy material that mimics the properties of real down. The pillows are then hand-finished and encased in sustainably produced cotton. The Nimbus Pearl Smartdown Pillow is £45 from The Fine Bedding Company.

The Fine Bedding Company Smartdown

The Fine Bedding Company Smartdown Pillow

(Image credit: The Fine Bedding Company)

3. Energy saving blinds

Duette have been leading the way for sustainable and energy-saving blinds for some time now. The benefits of picking these blinds are undeniable: not only are many of them made from 40 per cent recycled polyester, but they also help reduce energy consumption in the home, preventing heat loss from windows by up to 46 per cent. Win-win. 

Duette Energy Saving Blinds Mid Blue

Duette energy saving blinds in Mid Blue

(Image credit: Duette)

4. Recycled rugs

Rugs are some of the easiest products to make from recycled PET; besides, plastic makes for a durable finished product, which is especially important for front door rugs. The Hug Rug Barrier Mat Home is £39.99 from The Rug Seller and can be recycled once again when you're done with it. 

Hug Rug Barrier Mat Home (no. 27) £39.99 from The Rug Seller

Hug Rug barrier mat, The Rug Seller

(Image credit: The Rug Seller)

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