Lil Jon to launch HGTV home renovation show – yes, you read that right

The rapper and producer is venturing into the world of home transformation; we can't wait to see the results

Lil John
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Lil Jon is to get his very own HGTV home renovation show, the network has confirmed. The Grammy award-winning rapper and producer is changing direction and will show off his talent for unusual home design. Acknowledging the surprise some viewers may feel, the show is called 'Lil John Wants to Do What?' and promises some pretty unusual takes on home renovation projects. 

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Expect dramatic breaking through walls, basement gutting, and even ceiling removal.  Lil Jon will be presenting alongside popular designer and expert builder Anitra Mecadon from DIY Network’s Mega Dens. HGTV described the show as follows: 'Lil Jon offers skeptical homeowners startlingly unconventional renovation ideas that seem impossible to execute. His undaunted team can take Lil Jon’s creative vision—to maximize features that homeowners overlook or never considered—and make it a reality.'

House in North Carolina

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One thing is for certain – the show, which is being filmed in Atlanta right now, will expand the boundaries of what can be achieved with a home renovation. 'With ideas ranging from removing a ceiling to expand the height of the living room to accommodate huge new windows to gutting the basement to add a fully decked-out speakeasy for entertaining, Lil Jon and Anitra push homeowners out of their comfort zones with ingenious renovations and ideas that are sure to inspire daring and dramatic transformations.'

Lil Jon has revealed that he has a long-standing passion for advising people on how they can improve their homes: 'I love walking into someone’s house and turning it upside down', he said. 'When people hear my name, they automatically think… fun! That same energy goes for my designs as well. I don’t love following design trends—I would rather be the trendsetter.'

Wondering what the actual designs will look like? So far, Lil Jon is keeping it mysterious. In a caption for an Instagram post, he said: 'SOOOO BEEN WORKING ON THIS FOR A WHILE AND CAN FINALLY TELL YA ABOUT MY NEW SHOW WITH @anitramecadon ON @hgtv “LIL JON WANTS TO DO WHAT?!!” WHERE I .... WELL You JUST GOTTA WATCH.'

The show will air in summer 2021. 

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