Lidl launches a £40 pizza oven to rival Aldi's – and it can bake bread, too

If a standalone pizza oven is too expensive for your budget, take a look at this genius solution

Pizza oven
(Image credit: Lidl)

There's no getting away from the fact that pizza ovens are the new must-have alternatives to BBQs. Anyone who's anyone has got one. They're making lockdown bearable. And while you can grab some really decent buys at decent prices if you know where to look (ahem, our buyer's guide, click the link above), not everyone has the budget to spare at the moment.

So imagine our delight when Lidl's pizza oven went up on their website, launched to rival the can't-get-your-hands-on-it-before-it-sells-out-again Aldi pizza oven.  

It's a bargain at just £39.99, and, like Aldi's, is designed to sit atop your existing barbecue, whether gas or charcoal, to bake pizzas and – wait for it – bread. Marvellous! Both our lockdown baking obsessions catered for (now wondering if it can manage banana bread?).

Read on to find out more. 

Lidl's Barbecue Pizza Oven: £39.99
Launching in store on 21st May, the Barbecue Pizza Oven can be used on both gas and charcoal barbecues and has an integrated thermostat for easy temperature control to create delicious, freshly baked pizzas and fresh baguettes. The perforated base ensures optimal air circulation and heat distribution, while the pizza stone is removable for easy cleaning. Suitable for barbecues sized L40cm x W35cm x H14cm. If you have a large appetite or are entertaining large groups you'll love the fact that the Barbecue Pizza Oven comes with a base to cook up to 12in pizzas. Lidl is also launching a Pizza Paddle separately for £9.99 which will complete your set and make you feel like a professional.