Get your Christmas baking sorted with Lidl's new range – available to order now

Become a star baker with Lidl's collection of Christmas cookware...

Lidl christmas baking essentials
(Image credit: Lidl )

Get down to the middle of Lidl ASAP if you're on the hunt for some new baking essentials in time for Christmas. If you've been keeping up with the Great British Bake Off you're likely having some cake cravings and Lidl has arrived right on time to give you your fix. 

Festive treats are waiting just around the corner thanks to Lidl providing us with this affordable kit to get us fully equipped. We're talking everything from snowman stacking tins to a high-quality stand mixer. So, keep scrolling to check out what they have on offer, plus more killer deals from our other fave retailers!

Pssst! We've got a dedicated Christmas page that we're constantly updating so you should check that out, too – you'll find plenty of festive recipes to get testing. 

1. Pick up some festive weighing scales 

Lidl kitchen scales baking essentials

(Image credit: Lidl )

Silvercrest Digital Kitchen Scales | £5.99 (opens in new tab)

Lidl is stocking these high quality weighing scales that precisely weigh to the gram up to 5kg. They shut off automatically and have a tare function, automatic zero and overload indicator. Available in three colour-ways and one is super festive!

2. Get your Bake Off on with a stand mixer 

Lidl christmas baking essentials

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Silvercrest Stand Mixer | £49.99 (opens in new tab)

If you've been eyeballing the Bake Off contestants with their sleek stand mixers but you're not ready to break the bank, this model for £49.99 from Lidl is a great shout. It has eight speed settings, a powerful 650W motor, a large, removable five litre stainless steel mixing bowl and a tilting head with release button for easy accessory change. 

3. Get a no-fuss bake with adjustable trays

Lidl baking trays

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Zenker Universal Adjustable Baking Tray | £4.99 (opens in new tab)

Having an adjustable baking tray in your arsenal is a bit of a brainwave. The length of this piece of kit will change from 37cm to 52cm and firmly click into place. Plus, it's heat resistant up to 240 degrees Celsius. 

4. Make your bake most impressive with a new tin

Lidl assorted baking tins

(Image credit: Lidl )

Ernesto Ceramic Non-Stick Cake Tin Assortment | £4.99 (opens in new tab)

These ceramic-reinforced non-stick cake tins are high quality and super easy to clean. It comes kitted out with a springform cake tin, a loaf tin and a round fluted cake tin. Heat resistant up to 230 degrees Celsius and brilliant thermal conduction for even baking. 

5. Store your festive treats in equally festive jars

Lidl christmas baked goods tins

(Image credit: Lidl )

Ernesto Christmas Tin Set | £3.99 (opens in new tab)

Not only are these tins perfect for storing your Christmas biscuits, they'd also work well as cute little gifts - or just general festive storage space. The tightly sealed lids and the fact that the set of three is stackable make these a handy thing to have in your kitchen. 

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