How to make a bee house – using old garden materials

Learn how to make a bee house using pallets

how to make a bee house by Cuprinol
(Image credit: Cuprinol)

Want to learn how to make a bee house? Bee houses are a great way to attract bees to your garden – and help those that are tired rest up before they continue their hard pollinating work. Of course, you can easily buy a pre-made bee house or bee hotel (see our selection below), but it's quite easy to make one from old pallets, if you fancy a weekend DIY project. See the easy steps* to making one below.

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How to make a bee house

(Image credit: Cuprinol)

You will need:


1. Saw off the end of the pallet using a hand saw.

2. Lever off one of the planks from the discarded pallet and nail to the back of the cut section creating an open fronted box with two long slots.

3. Lightly sand the pallet then paint with two coats of Cuprinol 5 Year Ducksback in your favourite colour. Make sure you dust off after sanding with a clean brush. Allow to dry.

4. Once dry fill each slot with natural materials.

5. Cut a length of chicken wire to cover the open front and hammer in small staples to keep in place. Trim to size. Fix bracket to the back, hang off a fence and wait for the bugs to set up home in their new bug hotel.

*This bee house making guide has been provided by Cuprinol