Home renovator or tradesperson? Add this clever new tool to your wish list

Whether you're a seasoned DIYer taking on a home renovation, or a tradesperson looking to save time (and money), Quadsaw could be the tool for you

quadsaw drill in action by quadsaw
(Image credit: QUADSAW)

Whether you're a seasoned DIYer tackling a home renovation or a skilled tradesperson looking for ways to save time (and money) when fitting plug sockets, Quadsaw could be the tool for you.

Its inventor, and co-founder of Quadsaw, Michael Sebhatu, credits humble beginnings in Eritrea for his creative mind; he moved to the UK to escape war and in search of new opportunities.

He explains, 'working as a kitchen fitter while completing my masters degree in product design, I watched an electrician sawing the opening by hand to fit an electric box to a wall and wondered why he didn’t use a cutter. That’s how the idea for Quadsaw was born.' 

Living by the words 'luck favours the prepared mind and I was prepared to find my luck,' Michael's story is a lesson in entrepreneurship for us all, as it's often out of the most seemingly simple of ideas that something genius is born.

What is the Quadsaw?

A seamless attachment to a power drill, Quadsaw uses patented technology to convert rotary motion into linear motion, meaning it's capable of cutting perfect square holes for electrical sockets and other boxes in a matter of seconds.

For those working in the construction industry, the current means of creating a square hole is through the use of rulers, pencils and handsaw; an approach which is both time consuming and often inaccurate. Quadsaw bridges this gap in technology. 

How does Quadsaw work?

Comprised of four blades, Quadsaw is precise, thanks to a built-in spirit level, and produces minimal dust (win, win). Suitable for both single and double sockets, blades can be switched with the push of a button. 

Dramatically speeding up the rate at which square holes can be cut – at present the UK's approximate 260,000 cut three holes a day – Quadsaw predict that 16 million hours of labour and £320 million could be saved within the construction industry on an annual basis. 

But does Quadsaw work?

Following the development of a prototype back in 2016 and international interest, Quadsaw underwent extensive development and testing in order to become the product it is today. Those who pre-order Quadsaw are set to receive their orders over the next few weeks, which will undoubtedly be the best test of the product.

For those who have tried Quadsaw already, however, results have been far from disappointing. Mike Perkins, an electrician fro Maidenhead with over 40 years' experience tested Quadsaw, and sings its praises.

'Using the Quadsaw makes the job of cutting square and rectangular holes easier than ever before. It’s precise, limits dust, has fantastic build quality and is going to save me and many other electricians a lot of money. The Quadsaw should be at the top of any workman’s tool wish list.'

Perhaps a Christmas gift for the renovator in your life?

Emily Shaw

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