Hate doing laundry? Samsung’s Airdresser is a totally new way to clean your clothes

Refresh your clothes with minimal effort thanks to the new Samsung Airdresser launched at IFA 2019

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Do you hate doing the laundry? Or are you looking for easy ways to refresh shirts, coats and other hard-to-wash items, limiting the hassle of having to go to the dry cleaners too regularly? Well, you're in luck. The Samsung Airdresser is revolutionising the way we do laundry and its sleek, slimline design would slot perfectly into a kitchen, utility or dressing room, depending on where you do you laundry, or where you store your clothes. But what is it, exactly?

Unveiled at IFA 2019 (Europe's biggest technology show), the Samsung Airdresser aims to meet a need for more efficient methods of refreshing and revitalising clothes on a daily basis. This is particularly relevant as we become increasingly aware of the impact of washing our clothes too regularly – we're certainly guilty of this – polluting our waterways with microfibres in the process.

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In addition to reducing the necessity to wash clothes quite so regularly, the Samsung Airdresser also makes it easier to care for delicate fabrics – think wool, silk and the like – and is perfect for those with on-the-go lifestyles. Need to refresh an outfit for a flight, or in time for an important meeting tomorrow? The Samsung Airdresser has you covered.

How does the Samsung Airdresser work?

Now that we've established what the Samsung Airdresser does, you may be wondering how it works. Here's everything we know:

  • A combination of a built-in Jet Air System and carefully designed Air Hangers blast fabrics with powerful jets of air to effectively remove engrained dust from deep within the fabric.
  • Jet Steam then sanitises garments in order to gently remove bacteria. This is particularly relevant as it's the growth of this bacteria that causes clothing (or even people) to smell.
  • Heatpump Drying provides delicate care for clothing by ensuring the temperature is low enough to prevent shrinkage or heat damage.
  • A deodorising filter further captures and removes odours, preventing a build up within the Airdresser.

While photos of the Samsung Airdresser are currently a bit thin on the ground, what we can tell you is that it's available in a stylish Crystal Mirror finish, designed to fit seamlessly into a contemporary home – as seen below.

Inside it looks much like your average wardrobe, with space to hang a small selection of clothing in need of a refresh. 

samsung airdresser

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