Is it ever ok to gift air fresheners for Christmas? Here's what we think

Is it really a faux pas to give an air freshener as a Christmas gift? We explore the options that won't leave your gift recipient aghast

Air freshener
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Air fresheners are useful, and many people like using them, but is it ever acceptable to gift them for Christmas? If you're on a gifting budget this year, then there's at least one attractive feature – air fresheners are almost always cheaper than reed diffusers or candles, so they are tempting as stocking fillers.

We'll say outright, though, that not all air fresheners are gift-worthy. As a basic rule, avoid gifting anything that is sold in a supermarket or Boots that your gift recipient can pick up as part of their weekly food shop. Sorry, Glade/Febreze – reliable and popular you may be, but Christmas gift material you are not. 

However, if you know the person you're buying for likes pleasant room smells, and especially if you've seen them use room fresheners before, there are now plenty of gifting opportunities that straddle the territory between odour neutralisers and home fragrance. Here are our top picks from this category (which we ourselves would quite like to receive as gifts).

Anna Cottrell
Anna Cottrell

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