Feeding the lawn: discover when to start for the best grass this summer

Wondering when to feed the lawn for the best grass this summer? Here are our top tips...

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Feeding your lawn is essential if you want to achieve a dense patch of green grass come summer. The perfect place to soak up the sun, or for kids to play, a lawn is central to most back gardens, but perfecting your grassy space will require a little work, and spring is the time to get started.

Whether you're working with a new lawn, or want to spruce up the grassy space you already have, follow our top tips for the perfect lawn come summer. Then, head over to our garden hub page for more ideas to restyle your outside space.

When to feed the lawn

The best time to food your lawn is late Spring (the end of March and early April) if you want to achieve dense, green grass by the summer. To do so, we'd recommend investing in a lawn fertiliser and distributing – as the manufacturer recommends – while grass is moderately moist.

The best lawn feed is the Miracle-Gro Water Soluble Lawn Food, which can be used throughout spring and summer to achieve  a richer, greener lawn.

Lawn care

We'd also recommend the following tips if you're keen to maintain your lawn in preparation for summer.

  • Much like we might get a hair cut, mowing your lawn regularly is essential to ensuring overall lawn health. Browse our pick of the best lawn mowers for a top piece of kit.
  • Try to keep moss to a minimum.
  • Take the time to spread grass seeds in areas where your lawn is looking a little patchy.
  • During dry periods, take time to water your lawn. 

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