Ercol celebrates Pride Month with a limited edition love seat – and we love it

Designed by 2LG Studio, this is the colourful furniture collection we never knew we needed

A colourful ercol loveseat designed by 2LG Studio

June is Pride Month, which means it's the perfect excuse for brands to bring out their most exciting designs and new products – not least leading classic Mid-century design icon ercol.

In collaboration with award-winning design studio 2LG, the brand has created four limited edition Originals LOVE Seats, all with their own Pride-ready design –and we're ready to hand over our wallets.

2LG have used shades from ultramarine to coral, violet and luminous yellow for the colourful chair, drawing on the rainbow palette long associated with Pride.

The Originals LOVE Seat was originally designed in 1956 as a take on the classic Windsor chair, with a bowed top, spindle back and solid elm seat.

Edward Tadros, chairman at Ercol, says, 'The LOVE Seat is one of Ercol's most iconic designs and its very function is to be shared, which we felt was a natural starting point for this project. We've long admired 2LG Studio's bold take on colour and design, and combined with their unique viewpoint on Pride, Russel and Jordan were the perfect fit for this commission.

'The Love Seat is a fantastic canvas for colour and the four designs that 2LG have created really celebrate every angle. Approaching our 100th anniversary, which will take place next year in 2020, it's an important part of our ethos to look forward to the next 100 years and to continue championing diversity through engaging collaborations.'

Ellen Finch
Deputy editor

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