Does location impact buying habits? John Lewis seem to think so...

With increased sales recorded on everything from pizza ovens to parasols and vegan-friendly barbeque gadgets, it's time to place your bets on your region's summer favourites

wooden table with blue throw and tablke scheme for outdoor dining
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In the midst of one of the hottest summers on record, sun-worshippers from across the country have been flocking to John Lewis stores to kit out their gardens for summer. Intrigued as to whether location was impacting buying habits, John Lewis decided to look into regional trends and the results have proven quite interesting...

brightly coloured outdoor furniture

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With a taste for all things colourful, Londoners (or more specifically east Londoners) have been snapping up bright and bold furniture and outdoor cushions. These happiness-inducing pieces are a great option if you're short on garden space and want to make the most of what you do have. 


Perhaps one of the more surprising results, Brummies (and those in the North West) have demonstrated an increased desire for pizza ovens. Sales are at their highest, with Northeners making a notable effort to embrace outdoor cooking.

john lewis outdoor seating set with white chairs and bright accessories

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The South, East and South East 

Seeking stylish shade, John Lewis has seen its highest levels of parasol sales in towns such as Cribbs Causeway, Milton Keynes and High Wycombe. With an evident desire to keep cool while enjoying the outdoors, the best selling store in the South has seen a 32 per cent increase in parasol sales, compared with the best selling Northern store. Where the South ends and the North begins is for you to decide...

outdoor dining set from john lewis with barbecue

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The Home Counties

The nation's biggest foodies (according to John Lewis, anyway) can be found in the Home Counties, with sales of barbecuing gadgets and gizmos up compared with the rest of the country. Specialist accessories for grilled fish and vegetables are proving particularly popular, inferring a taste for vegan and vegetarian options. 

outdoor chair qith vibrant blue toned cushion from john lewis

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