The DIY tiled table trend taking off on TikTok gives you a designer look for $80

The DIY tiled table trend is perfect for updating your space on a budget

tiled table in outdoor space at the june motel, sauble beach
(Image credit: The June Motel)

Last year, we saw a DIY tiled table trend gathering pace on TikTok and in 2022 it's evolving into fun and colorful new iterations. Thrifty interiors lovers everywhere were giving basic IKEA tables a retro revamp with small white square tiles and black grout.

Sarah and April from Netflix's Motel Makeover also embraced the trend for the poolside bar at The June Motel in Sauble Beach, Canada. Their tiled outdoor tables pictured below give a chic aperitivo vibe – and you'd never think they'd been DIYed.

After watching a TikTok by @laurenrobinson827, we're desperate to try the trend ourselves to make our own DIY coffee table.

outdoor area by the swimming pool at the june motel

Some DIY tiled table trend action at The June Motel, as seen on on Netflix's Motel Makeover

(Image credit: The June Motel)

DIY Tiled Table Trend

As people on TikTok are proving, the DIY tiled table trend is a brilliant way to bring personality and color into your space on a budget. While this DIY project isn't something you can just do on a whim (it definitely takes a bit of planning and math), we really want to try it.

Lauren Robinson inspired thousands when she shared a video of her stunning tiled table makeover with painted geometric shapes (below). Lauren said that working out the measurements and how many tiles were needed was the hardest part.


It all started with a $50 Ikea table from facebook marketplace

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The tiles are plain white and cost $20 for 100 pieces, and the paints were samples from The Home Depot. There were of course some other materials and tools needed, and the DIYer has since shared a video with all the details and says it came to around $80.

We're also loving this white and peach tone DIY tiled bedside table on TikTok made out of a shelf board. It's a perfect square design and handy for styling a table lamp, vase, book, and trinkets.

Feeling inspired? If you wanted to start small, you could try a hollow cubed shape design by tiling the Kallax shelving unit to make a side table with extra storage inside. The square legged Lack table from IKEA also looks perfect for trying out this DIY tiled table trend.

outdoor area by the swimming pool at the june motel

(Image credit: The June Motel)

Or you could go slightly bigger with a DIY coffee table that will be sure to bring something totally unique to your living space. Will you be trying this DIY? Even if working out the measurements might pose a challenge, we think it'd pay off.

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