5 ways house plants make you feel better (you'll be amazed by number 5)

Move over meditation, house plants are pretty potent stress busters and we're here to tell you how they can improve your daily life and general wellbeing in five different ways

House plants
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It's no secret that house plants bring life to all types of indoor space, but did you know that there are even more exciting hidden benefits to these wild interiors too?

At Real Homes we are, naturally, always on the hunt to find ways that we can make our living space and surroundings at home, even more comfortable and wonderful. And, as it's been a somewhat chaotic year so far, this couldn't have come at a better time. 

Let's face it, we still have a bumpy road ahead. The journey has been different for everyone, but whether you were working from home – and possibly still working from home – homeschooling, or now if you're slowly coming out of furlough, we are all overdue some serious TLC. 

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From better sleep (always needed) – to increasing productivity levels, alleviating headaches and more – whether you live in a big city, or in the countryside (lucky) – house plants could be the answer to a more zen you, even in the current climate. 

Keep scrolling to see five ways that indoor plants could perk up your life to boost both your physical and mental wellbeing. With special thanks to Forest Healthcare.

1. House plants reduce background noise

living room with overwhelming collection of houseplants

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This is a winner for anyone working from home right now as there's nothing more intrusive, when you're trying to concentrate, than the sound of roadworks, noisy passersby, and the likes filtering into your home office space. Thankfully, a Monstera deliciosa or other type of enormous house plant could offer a sound solution.

How do house plants do it?

Large indoor plants have a bigger surface area, which allows them to effectively absorb sound. Create your veritable indoor garden around your room's perimeter so that the sound can bounce from the walls into the leaves (what an image), and you should find that your space is far more tranquil.

You can find the best indoor plants – big, small, fragrant and more – in our guide.

2. House plants improve air quality

Black matt kitchen interior with wooden surfaces and houseplants on the shelf

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The air quality around you largely depends on where you live, but, if you still need to use public transport, drive a car or walk around city streets, it's worth making efforts to purify the air in your home. This will help ease your exposure to harmful chemicals which can have a detrimental effect to overall health and wellbeing.

How do house plants do it?

Air purifying house plants work by turning carbon dioxide present in the air around you, into oxygen, while they can also naturally sweep up dust particles and increase humidity levels. The combination of these is a good one, especially for allergy sufferers as symptoms such as itching eyes, fatigue and coughing will be relieved. 

3. House plants increase productivity levels

Home Office

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Procrastinate much? Working from home is no easy feat, but add a little greenery and you may find yourself knuckling down with a little more focus. 

"A research study conducted at Exeter University found out that indoor plants can improve concentration, productivity and staff well-being by 47%."*

How do house plants do it?

The CO2 levels we are exposed to indoors, make it harder to concentrate. And, so the fact that indoor plants are air purifying, means that they can balance out the levels of CO2 in our bodies, helping us find more clarity and concentration.

4. House plants help you sleep better

Ikea bedroom ideas

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Could this statement be any dreamier? House plants are snazzy bedroom additions in their own right, but if they can help you get some shut-eye too, well, that's hard to top. 

How do house plants do it? 

Tis' again in their air purifying qualities. By ridding the air of nasties and filling up your surroundings with fresh oxygen, you'll breathe better. And as the colour green is naturally soothing too – helping to relieve stress and anxiety – it's the perfect combination to help lull you into the perfect slumber.

For gorgeous bedroom ideas we can help.

5. House plants fend off headaches

Kitchen shelf with hanging house plants and vintage print

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What with every day stresses and anxieties creeping in, headaches happen. Bringing more greenery indoors can help.

How to house plants do it?

"Research has revealed that plants can help to remove benzene, trichloroethylene and formaldehyde from the air. Formaldehyde is a gas that is used in the production of leather and wood products, which is why its present in many indoor environments, it is a common cause of headaches due to the strong odours."*

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