The top 5 ways you can reduce your carbon footprint with Samsung Laundry

Saving the planet can start in the home thanks to Samsung Laundry. Here are 5 ways that Samsung's appliances can reduce your carbon footprint

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We're all spending more time thinking about how we can switch to a more sustainable lifestyle, and one of the best places to get started is in the home. Making some simple switches can have a huge impact, and with new EU regulations placing a greater emphasis on the energy efficiency of home appliances, the choice has never been easier. 

Samsung's A-rated laundry appliances are leading the way when it comes to reducing our carbon footprint. The Samsung WW10T554DAN Washing Machine, available at, is not only A-rated, but Samsung is offsetting the lifetime CO₂ emissions of every washer that's sold. 

Here are five ways that Samsung Laundry products can make your home more environmentally friendly. 

1. Larger loads = fewer washes

The Samsung WW10T554DAN has a 10.5kg capacity, which is pretty impressive. This generous drum capacity will cut down on the amount of loads you need to run per week, which in turn reduces the amount of energy and water you use overall. 

This is a big win for large households, especially if you find yourself washing a lot of sheets and towels. Instead of letting laundry pile up while your machine drum fills up, you can tackle everything in one go, which saves time and energy.

2. AddWash means no socks are left behind

Have you ever missed something important from your laundry load and had to run a small wash to make sure it's clean in time? With the Samung WW10T554DAN's AddWash door, you can drop in a pair of socks or your lucky pants mid-wash, meaning you won't need to waste water and energy on a small load to make sure you have your clean clothes in time. 

AddWash is great for busy homes because it allows those heavily-used items (like the kids' PE kit, or your favourite pyjamas) to get a regular clean, without having to even add them to a laundry basket beforehand. 

3. You can offset your carbon footprint


(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung has partnered with Carbon Footprint Ltd to offset the running costs of the WW10T554DAN. This takes any emissions from your machine and offsets it, at no extra cost to you. It does this through funding projects that improve biodiversity and make strides in reforestation. 

Combine that with AO's price match promise, and there's a real win-win for yourself and the planet. 

4. Samsung appliances are top in class for energy ratings

The EU clarified its energy policy in November of 2020. Formerly rating from A+++ to D, the new scale goes from A to G, which encourages manufacturers to continually improve their energy efficiency. 

AO champions the most efficient appliances on the market, with the option to filter your online search by energy rating. 

The WW10T554DAN has an A in energy rating, meaning that it's one of the best eco-friendly appliances you can buy right now. It's not only going to cut down on your carbon footprint, but it will also save you money on energy. 

5. It's super hygienic

One of the top ways to cut down on the environmental impact of your washing machine is simply to use it less. That's easier said than done though, because with busy households comes a lot of washing.

Many of the Samsung Laundry machines come with steam modes, which sanitise as they clean and also cut down on creasing. By removing 99.9% of allergens and bacteria from your laundry cycles, the WW10T554DAN can not only keep your clothes in top condition for longer, but also cut down the need for regular washes*. Once your laundry emerges from the machine dirt-free and without wrinkles, you won't have to go to the effort of ironing, or washing again to remove stubborn stains. 

*Testing done by Intertek on Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli and Dermatophagoides farinae Hughes, on 100% cotton, 3kg load, with standard powder detergent. Individual results may vary.

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