10 basement bedroom ideas that you would never know are underground

Planning a basement remodel? Well let these basement bedroom ideas show you what you can achieve

Interior Fox basement bedroom
(Image credit: Interior Fox)

On the hunt for basement bedroom ideas? Let's be honest, they aren't always the easiest of spaces to design or decorate. Basements do get a bit of a bad rap and it's assumed that they lack natural light, have low ceilings and feel a bit... gloomy. BUT, we've found 10 gorgeous basement rooms that will prove that they can in fact be gorgeous, light, inviting spaces that really don't feel like you are actually underground.

We've got plenty of tips you make your underground bedrooms feel bigger, taller, lighter and just all round more lovely. So just keep on scrolling to get inspired...

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1. Plan your lighting as the first step 

Interior Fox basement bedroom

(Image credit: Interior Fox)

What usually takes a basement from a glorified storage space to a lovely cozy bedroom you'd actually not be terrified to sleep in is lighting. Whether that is natural or artificial, you need to make sure there is plenty of it. 

If you are lucky enough to have windows in your basement, chances are they will be positioned at the top of the room, not ideal for bringing in lots of light. However, you can maximise it by keeping the space around the windows as clear as possible, and pick light and floaty window treatments – a mix of blackout roller blinds and a nice voile curtain would be our top pick.

'Given the same consideration as other rooms, the basement can become just as stylish and functional as a main-floor living space. Start by considering how much natural light the room has; this will determine how much electrical lighting is required. Spotlights are always a great place to start: they are low profile and, paired with a dimmer, will allow for full control depending on the time of day or activity. Layer with wall lights, floor and table lamps to really help to set the tone.' explains Jen & Mar from Interior Fox

2. Make sure your insulation is top notch 

Before we go into all the lovely decor ideas, this is an essential for creating a basement bedroom rather than just a bedroom you have stuck down in your basement. Most basements are just going to have bare concrete walls, so you make the space more liveable you'll need to add a layer of insulation. This will keep heat in and reduce noise from upstairs too. 

3. Zone off your basement bedroom with sliding doors

Open plan basement

(Image credit: Katie Gelsheimer)

How gorgeous is this basement space by Katie Gelsheimer? The bedroom is actually windowless, but it feels far from gloomy because it's so beautifully lit and decorated. Those sliding doors are such a feature of the space and they allow for all the natural light from the kitchen area to flow through and keep the open plan feel but can be closed when privacy is needed. 

4. Work with industrial elements

Basement bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Simon Maxwell)

Loving the... car park vibes of this bedroom. No seriously, this is such a cool space, so if you are renovating your basement consider going for this more industrial, unfinished look. Concrete ceilings are bang on trend at the moment and you can really soften up the look with a muted color palette and wooden textures.

Also note the internal window here, a really good way to ensure light flows through the whole space. And another top tip to take from this space is the low slung furniture, keeping the bed closer floor creates the allusion of there being more height. 

5. Build in a window seat 

Interior Fox basement bedroom

(Image credit: Interior Fox)

This gorgeous basement bedroom designed by Interior Fox is the perfect example of how to make basement spaces both inviting and practical too. The one benefit of having the small, high windows that usually come with basements is you have room to add something lovely like a window seat. It smartens up the room but also adds some handy extra storage too.

6. Keep things light and airy

Basement bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Simax)

We all know that in small spaces, especially if you are dealing with low ceilings and a lack of light, you are best playing it safe with a really light color scheme. Keep the walls and ceilings some variant of white and use your decor to bring in your personality and to warm up the space. 

This simple bedroom still feels really lived in thanks to the lovely pieces of quirky vintage furniture, the warmth from the gold accents and of course that very inviting look bed and the button back headboard. 

7. Make low ceilings feel higher with a four poster

Basement bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Richard Gadsby)

You might think a four-poster bed sounds like an impractical choice for a basement bedroom, but if your ceiling is high enough to squeeze one in, they can actually make low ceilings appear higher. Plus they always bring that coveted hotel vibe, especially if you pair it with piles of gorgeous bedding and squishy cushions. 

Oh and definitely also check out the curtains in this room, look how they hang from the top of the ceiling all the way to the floor. This is a great hack for again creating more height in a room that has low ceilings. 

8. Pick warmer flooring options 

The choice of flooring you pick for a basement bedroom is key. You really want to avoid anything that's going to make the space feel cold and clinical, so while carpets aren't totally on-trend right now, they are a good pick to bring warmth and coziness into a basement. Pick something minimal if the idea of adding carpet makes you shudder and be sure to add a really nice thick underlay too.

And if carpet is an absolute veto, choosing a warm wooden flooring and putting down a large area rug will have a similar effect. You could even add a small sheepskin rug either side of the bed to welcome bare feet in the mornings. 

9. Build in a wall of storage 

Interior Fox bedroom

(Image credit: Interior Fox)

Basements don't normally lend themselves to lots and lots of furniture. Filling up a bedroom with wardrobes and drawers is only going to break up the space and make it feel cluttered. Opt for a single wall of built-in storage that won't visually interrupt the room and makes for the most efficient solution.

This space also proves you can make darker colors work in a basement! The wardrobes are painted with everyone's faves, Farrow & Ball's Hague Blue and that scheme is continued with the cushions and the lampshades. The very crisp white walls, ceiling and bedding still keep the room feeling fresh. 

10. Accentuate the coziness of a basement

Basement bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Simax)

It's not always about making basement bedrooms feel light and airy, sometimes you are best off to just rolling with the low ceilings and lack of windows and create a space that feels really cozy and inviting. Think snug cabin vibes that everyone is loving right now. For us, that means wood, and plenty of it. 

The wooden headboard in this space adds some lovely textures and despite its size, it doesn't intrude into the room because it's wall-mounted rather than attached to the bed. Loving the bare concrete wall too!

How do you style a basement bedroom?

The key to styling a basement bedroom is to treat is as you would any other small bedroom. You want to feel like a part of your home, not at totally separate space, so bring your style into the space too so it feels just as inviting as a bedroom upstairs would.

In terms of color schemes, if you want to play it safe, a neutral backdrop is always going to work in a room that's smaller with low ceilings. You can bring color and interest in with your accessories. And don't shy away from the small proportions either, enhance the coziness with styles that lend themselves to basements.

How do I make my basement room feel cozy?

Beyond the practical ways, like insulation and underfloor heating, you can make a basement feel cozy really easily by adding lots of soft furnishings and layering up the textures. 

In a bedroom, make sure to always have a couple of throw blankets to hand, and add plenty of plush cushions to the bed. Even if you have smaller windows, hanging curtains will soften up the space if you hang them ceiling to floor. And of course a squishy carpet underfoot or plenty of rugs will add to the cozy vibes. 

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