Best waterproof mattress protector 2020: 9 top waterproof mattress covers

Compare the best waterproof mattress protector – from cot beds to super kings – in our expert guide

best waterproof mattress protector
Hippychick Cotton Fitted Mattress Protector
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The best waterproof mattress protector – aka waterproof mattress cover – is a pretty good thing to have on beds (of all sizes) because it will repel a multitude of little liquid spills and accidents.

Yep. Whether you're protecting a toddler mattress from the odd night-time leak or your own from the inevitable spillage from your morning brew, we've found the best waterproof mattress protectors for every size of bed; you will be paying from £10 for a waterproof cot mattress protector and up to around £65 for a protector for a double bed, although most are around the £25 mark. 

Scroll down the page to see our pick of the best buys which have been carefully selected based on the brand, how we've scored them in our reviews and what features they have which we're confident will protect your mattress for the foreseeable lifespan of your mattress. 

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Our best waterproof mattress protector picks for 2020

Nectar Mattress Protector

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1. The Nectar Mattress Protector

Best waterproof mattress protector (over all): available in single to super-king sizes, this protector has your mattress totally covered

Sizes: Single, small double, double, king, super-king
Material: Polyester, polyurethane and Tencel
Quilted: Yes
Waterproof: Yes
Reasons to buy
+Waterproof+Breathable+Resistant to dust & allergies+Eco-friendly+Machine washable
Reasons to avoid

Why do we like the Nectar Mattress Protector? It's a 100 per cent waterproof, ultra breathable mattress protector that doesn't feel like it. Rather, it's a comfortable mattress protector that just happens to do a great job of being waterproof, too.

What does it do well?

Comfort levels. It's made with Tencel (a material that's extracted from natural wood cellulose and manufactured into a very soft and ultra breathable fabric), which makes it much more absorbent than cotton and cooler than linen. Plus, it's extremely eco-friendly. We like.

Let's talk waterproofing. This is a 100 per cent waterproof mattress protector but that doesn't make it means stiff and plasticky? Instead, it's silky to the touch, quiet and stretchy, too. Plus it's resistant to allergens and dust, making it a good buy for both allergy sufferers and pet owners.  

Ease of care?

It's machine washable, as you'd expect from a mattress protector that's inviting spills. And tumble dryer friendly, too.

What else?

The Nectar mattress protector is designed for Nectar mattresses, but it will fit other mattresses. There's a two year warranty on any defects and free delivery, too.

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The best waterproof mattress protector

2. Hippychick Fitted Waterproof Mattress Protector

Best waterproof mattress protector for bed wetting: give your own little chicks the comfiest sleep courtesy of this waterproof protector

Best for: Kids
Size: Cot, single
Material: Cotton
Quilted?: No
Reasons to buy
+Soft, breathable & comfortable+Machine washable +Can be tumble-dried 
Reasons to avoid
-May shrink if washed in hot water

This waterproof mattress protector from Hippychick is high quality, discreet and 100 per cent waterproof. 

What does it do well?

To be the recipient of a Mother & Baby Gold award, this Hippychick waterproof mattress protector had to be something special, and it is. With its discreet design, it doesn't look or feel as if they’re sleeping on a waterproof cover, while the polyurethane layer that provides the waterproofing is both capable and breathable. 

When it comes to the outer layer, it’s an equally breathable brushed cotton, which parents say is enormously comfortable, so no more sweaty nights if your child has been sleeping on plastic water proof sheets that make them hot.

Ease of care

Another thing parents love about this waterproof mattress protector? It can be washed at 60ºC and tumble- or line-dried. 

What else to know?

Available as cot and single sheets, as cot sheets and for single beds, too.

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Tempur Fit Mattress Protector

3. Tempur Fit Waterproof Mattress Protector

Best waterproof mattress protector for memory foam mattresses: all of the protection, with none of the memory-foam-masking padding

Best for: Memory foam mattresses
Size: Single, double, king, super king
Material: Tencel, polyurethane
Quilted?: No
Reasons to buy
+Washable+Breathable+Can be tumble dried
Reasons to avoid
-Price tag-Designed specifically for Tempur mattresses, although don't discount it for other memory foam mattresses

Not unlike our previous pick, this Tempur Fit waterproof mattress protector's charms lie in its discreet protection and breathability, only scaled up for bigger beds. 

Who will it suit?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, this 100% waterproof mattress protector is ideal for use with Tempur mattresses, not only because the intelligent polyurethane membrane keeps any errant moisture away from your high-end mattress without sacrificing comfort, but also because it's been designed so that you won’t lose out on any of that memory foam mattress goodness beneath. However, it is designed to fit any mattress of up to 30cm deep.

What does it do well?

This waterproof mattress protector is another breathable pick, with the fibre allowing your body heat and moisture to pass through, which helps keep you at an ideal temperature and totally comfortable.

The sheets can be machine washed at 90°C and tumbled dried up to 70°C, too. Perfect for anyone who likes to keep all of their bedding freshly laundered – or for anyone sensitive to dust mite allergies.

What won't you like?

The typical memory foam smell you get when you first open the packaging: it does dissipate but sometimes that takes a couple of days.

Read our buyer's guides to the best memory foam mattresses and memory foam mattress toppers to find more buys that may suit you.

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The Little Green Sheep Waterproof Mattress Protector

4. The Little Green Sheep Waterproof Mattress Protector

Best waterproof mattress protector for prams and moses baskets: forget counting sheep, leave it up to these guys to keep baby’s bed fresh and dry

Best for: Babies
Size: Carry cot/moses basket, crib, 60cm x 120cm, 70cm x 140cm, junior bed
Material: Cotton
Quilted?: No
Reasons to buy
+Super soft organic cotton+Extra absorbent+Barrier against dust mites+Flat sheet allows sides of mattress to breathe 
Reasons to avoid
-No fitting straps

Unlike a traditional fitted sheet, which covers all sides of the mattress and clings underneath, this waterproof mattress protector from Little Green flat sheet sits neatly on top, allowing the mattress beneath to breathe from the sides and underneath to keep baby from an over-warm sleep. 

What does it do well?

The organic cotton sandwiches an Oeko-Tex Class 1 (Baby) waterproof membrane, absorbing any moisture and wetness rather than letting it pool on the surface. 

As well as offering 100 per cent waterproofing and breathability, to keep your baby or toddler dry and cool, whether in a pram, cot or junior bed, this waterproof mattress protector offers an anti-allergy layer to keep dust mites at bay, and is made from luxury cotton for real comfort. 

What's more, you can buy this sheet for a Moses basket or carrycot, and it's shaped with oval ends for easy fitting.

What won't you like?

We like the flat sheet feature of this waterproof mattress protector (which means it'll be useful on a play mat or in a car seat, too. But when you have a fidgety toddler, you might want to swap out for a fitted sheet that's guaranteed to stay in place.

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john lewis and partners mattress protector - real homes

(Image credit: John Lewis & Partners)

5. John Lewis & Partners Specialist Synthetic Waterproof Quilted Mattress Protector

Best waterproof mattress protector for deep mattresses: subtle leak-proofing in a generously-sized, comfortable-feeling package

Best for: Deep mattresses
Size: Single, double, king, super king
Material: Poly
Quilted?: Yes
Reasons to buy
+ Waterproof+Soft quilted top+Prevents growth of bacteria+Machine washable
Reasons to avoid
-Synthetic-Not for use with an electric blanket

An ultra-soft and cooling feel comes courtesy of a poly-cotton blend in this mattress protector from John Lewis & Partners.

What's good about it?

What we like most about this waterproof mattress protector is that it doesn’t look or feel anything like the crinkly, sweaty plastic sheets that haunt our thoughts when we summon up images of waterproof bedding. It’s earned hundreds of positive reviews for its amazing leak-proofing, thanks again to good old polyurethane membrane, but the difference between this one and previous picks lies in its ability to cover deep-sided mattresses for all-round protection. 

The patented Micro-Fresh® Technology makes it an ideal pick for anyone who likes their bedding to stay fresh – or for anyone with allergies. It's designed to reduce bacteria growth to keep the protector's fabrics 99.9 per cent germ-free.

Who will it suit?

It'll be a favourite pick amongst those who aren't into memory foam: instead, the top is softly quilted, and while it will soften a hard mattress a little, you won't notice much difference to comfort levels on a mattress you're already happy with. 

And since it's available in singles as well as larger mattress sizes, it's a safe bet for the whole family.

Ease of care

This waterproof mattress protector is washable up to 40°C; it can't be tumble-dried.

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Silentnight Waterproof Mattress Protector

6. Silentnight Waterproof Mattress Protector

Best budget waterproof mattress protector: for waterproofing without the worry

Best for: Budgets
Size: Single, double, king
Material: Polypropylene
Quilted?: No
Reasons to buy
+Good price tag+Machine washable +Stays in place all night 
Reasons to avoid
-Can feel sweaty if you get hot in the night

Those on a tight budget will be glad to find that there are some top-value options among our best sheets for bedwetting, like this option from Silentnight.

What's it good at?

This waterproof mattress protector is particularly recommended for children, but is available with a deep 30cm skirt and comes in larger sizes, so is a great budget option for spare beds and occasional use. 

It’s also fully hypo-allergenic to keep irritating allergic reactions at bay. A great no-frills option.

Ease of care

Like our other simple picks, this waterproof mattress protector is easy to care for; simply pop it into the washing machine at 40°C.

What won't you like? 

Compared to some higher-end options, users did report it rustled a little when moving about, but found this tended to disappear after a wash. Once it's put on the bed, the strong elastic kept it perfectly in place all night, which will mitigate the rustling. 

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Fogarty Ultimate 3 in 1 Waterproof Mattress Protector

7. Fogarty Ultimate 3 in 1 Waterproof Mattress Protector

Best hypoallergenic waterproof mattress protector for cots and cot beds: stop sniffles before they start with this anti-allergy mattress cover

Best for: Hypoallergenic
Size: Cot
Material: Cotton, polyurethane
Quilted?: No
Reasons to buy
+Soft terry fabric+Machine washable+Certified hypoallergenic and dust mite-resistant 
Reasons to avoid
-Not completely waterproof (water resistant)

This hypo-allergenic waterproof mattress protector offers peace of mind on two fronts, with its capable waterproofing and seal of approval from the experts at Allergy UK. 

What's it good at? 

If you’re a new parent who's worried about bed bugs, dust mites or any other allergens that might leave little ones with nasty itches or sniffles, you can rest assured with this waterproof mattress protector – and they can sleep easy too. 

Reviewers find it durable and well-made, and applauded its waterproofing capabilities which, in addition to the soft Terry towelling cover, make this a great mattress protector for cot beds. 

Ease of use

This waterproof mattress protector is fully machine washable, and available in a selection of sizes to fit cot mattress depths up to 14cm.

Dreamzie Waterproof Mattress Protector

8. Dreamzie Waterproof Mattress Protector

Odd-sized mattress? No fear, this Dreamzie protector works for every member of the family from the smallest to the biggest

Best for: One for everyone
Size: Toddler, single, small double, double, European double, king, European king, super king
Material: Polyurethane, cotton
Quilted?: No
Reasons to buy
+Waterproof & breathable+Antibacterial barrier+Huge range of sizes +Generous 15 year guarantee 
Reasons to avoid
-Sizes may not fit mattresses, so best to measure-Cotton / polyester blend

This Dreamzie waterproof mattress protector isn’t just reasonably priced, it also comes in every single mattress size you can think of – European and UK sizes included – from toddler upwards, so it’s a one-stop shop if you need to get a few. 

What's it good at?

Reviewers found that the quality of this waterproof mattress protector belied the bargain price, saying that it fits snugly and stays put, and combines a comfortable soft towelling feel with breathable polyurethane waterproofing. 

As you'd expect, the polyurethane membrane blocks 100 per cent of all fluids, sweat, urine and bodily fluids (while letting the mattress breathe). We like that it's thin, so won't mask (but also won't improve) the comfort of your mattress.

Who will it suit?

New parents or parents of children who suffer from allergies will like that the Bi-Ome treatment offers protection against common allergens, such as dust mites, bacteria, mould and pollen. That said, since it's available in larger mattress sizes, it'll suit allergy-prone adults, too.

It also comes with OEKO-TEX certification, which means there are no traces of toxic products within it. 

Ease of care 

This waterproof mattress protector comes as a fitted sheet with large flaps adaptable for mattresses up to 15cm; it's machine washable up to 60°C and can go in on low-temperature drying cycles.

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Staydrynights Quilted Mattress Protector

9. Staydrynights Quilted Waterproof Mattress Protector

Best waterproof mattress protector for comfort: sumptuously quilted, satisfyingly dry

Best for: Fit
Size: Single, double, king
Material: Cotton, polyester, vinyl
Quilted?: Yes
Reasons to buy
+Fit snugly; no excess material +Waterproof reverse+Machine washable
Reasons to avoid
-Cotton / polyester blend

This Staydrynights Quilted waterproof mattress protector is available in a choice of sizes, has a cover crafted from soft durable polycotton and is quilted for added comfort. 

What's it good at? 

Its soft cotton cover is popular, and it belies the waterproof reverse hidden beneath. Reviewers like its fit and quality, saying that it sits snugly on all mattress sizes with no annoying excess material (a downside with waterproof mattress protectors because it adds to the 'rustling' noise you get with too much material). 

It was also commended for its luxuriously soft feel and comfortable quilting, beating thinner protectors hands-down for quality, despite its low price.

Ease of use

It is machine washable and will fit mattresses up to 30cm deep.

What's it not good at?

It air dries slowly because of its heft, and it can't go in the dishwasher; at least one reviewer invested in a second waterproof mattress protector, as a back up, but you'll need to consider how much storage space you have or whether a thinner or tumble-dry option might be better.

  • Buy the Staydrynights Quilted waterproof mattress protector

Why do you need a waterproof mattress protector?

A waterproof mattress protector will protect not just your mattress of liquid accidents but all kinds of nasties, which aren't worth losing sleep over because you know one of these cover have got you sorted.

Our round up of waterproof mattress protectors offer an extra layer of padding to the mattress, and provide protection from potentially damaging liquids which have been leaked or spilt. One of these covers will also protect you from germs and allergies caused by dust mites. And also lengthen your mattress's life, protect the warranty of your mattress and boost comfort.

What is the best waterproof mattress protector?

Let's recap...if you're after the best waterproof mattress protector (in our opinion) we wouldn't hesitate to buy the Nectar mattress protector, which wins the day with effectiveness and discreet design. For smalls, we can recommend you buy the Hippychick Single Mattress Protector, which comes in single and cot bed sizes. Alternatively, you can buy the Little Green Sheep waterproof mattress protector, which will fit prams and Moses baskets, too.

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