The best sandwich makers for perfect toasties

Waffles for breakfast, cheese toastie for lunch, grilled chicken for dinner. The humble sandwich maker is a more versatile machine than you think

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Whether your mouth waters at the thought of the classic cheese and ham toastie or you love to pack in as many leftover ingredients from the bottom of the fridge as possible, one thing’s for sure - the trusty sandwich maker is the quickest way to a tasty snack. 

These days, the market is full of toasted sandwich makers. While some do a grand job of creating a classic toasted sandwich, others are impressively multi-functional, allowing you to grill vegetables and fatty meats, cook up the perfect panini and even allow you to bring the popular dessert parlour to you kitchen table with waffle-making ability attached. They tend not to be the most attractive gadget to have out on your kitchen worktop, however, many tend to be compact enough to fit into a cupboard when not in use. If looks are important for your kitchen, opting for brands such as George Foreman or Cuisinart will offer you slightly softer designs that do a great job of toasting sandwiches and looking great on the work surfaces too.

When it comes to purchasing the perfect sandwich maker, make sure you know what you’re after. There’s no point spending £50 on machine that does it all when you dislike anything made from batter. Instead, you could spend half as much on a device that does just what you need it to — toast a good sandwich! And if your family loves a toastie or two, you’ll be looking for four plates to avoid disappointment!

With your favourite fillings at the ready, let’s get down to the top five sandwich makers on the market right now. 

1. Breville Deep Fill VST041 Sandwich Toaster

Go mega with this deep fill sandwich maker

Best for: All-rounder
Power: 850W
Features: Non-stick, removable plates, deep dishes
Reasons to buy
+ Don’t stinge out on fillings + Easy clean 
Reasons to avoid
-Sandwich-only design

The first specification to look out for when shopping around for sandwich toasters is how it handles it’s fill. This one, for example, has the capacity to toast you one heck of a sandwich, or 4.  With its deep fill plates allowing for maximum packing of ingredients, don’t be scared to cram in mounds of cheese, tomato, onion, ham, mushroom and anything else that takes your fancy. If the cheese happens to ooze out a little, the plates are removable, allowing for easy cleaning and a mega convenient lunch. If we are talking about finding a truly decent sandwich maker, this machine does only this... and users reckon it does it really well.

2. Cuisinart 2-in-1 grill and sandwich maker

Create naughty lunches and healthy dinners with this Cuisinart sandwich maker

Best for: All meals
Power: 1000W
Features: Sandwich plates, grill, easy to clean
Reasons to buy
+ Create healthy meals + Powerful wattage for efficient cooking 
Reasons to avoid
- A little pricey 

If fuss-free is your approach to life, you’ll love this 2-in-1 device from Cuisinart. Stuff a sandwich with your favourite cheese at lunch, then go for something a little lighter on the stomach for dinner. Cooking on a grill is renowned for reducing the amount of fat that is contained within a piece of meat. The fat drips out of the meat while it’s cooking, and collects in the grill rather than being transferred back to the meat as it would when roasting or pan frying. You can easily change up the plates from grill to toastie maker and remove them for cleaning once you’re done with creating your meal. This is also the best sandwich maker for panini's on our list as you can just slide them straight onto the plates and the weight of the plates will grill the panini evenly.

3. Russell Hobbs Deep Fill 3in1 Sandwich Panini and Waffle Maker

All you could ever need in this nifty all in one machine

Best for: Multi-purpose
Power: 750W
Features: Three plates, deep fill, easy to clean
Reasons to buy
+ Cook up breakfast, lunch and dinner + Dishwasher safe plates 
Reasons to avoid
- Only one temperature setting 

When marmite on toast just won’t cut it, knock up some fluffy waffles with this 3in1 sandwich maker. With a recipe included, just make sure you’ve got eggs, milk and flour and your favourite topping to hand. Once done, remove the waffle plates, put them in the dishwasher and pop on the panini grill ready for lunch. With an RRP of £50, this isn’t the most expensive on our list yet certainly offers the most in terms of meal variety and ease of use. With that the case, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t make this machine your best buy of the year.  If you like the idea of a toastie machine but you are not sure how often you will really use it for the purpose of making toasted sandwiches, the variety offered by this machine makes it excellent value for money.

4. George Foreman Compact 2-Portion Grill 23400

The solution to creating healthy meals

Best for: Grilling
Power: 760W
Features: Non-stick grill, drip tray
Reasons to buy
+ Create healthy meals + Non-stick for easy cleaning 
Reasons to avoid
- Better as a grill than sandwich maker

Anyone who has grilled sausages or burgers, knows how much fat is hidden in meat. Cleaning the grill after an indulgent breakfast is a nightmare, even when you cleverly put a piece of tin foil in the bottom of the tray to catch the worst of the dripping. Now, with the George Foreman, you can visibly see how much fat siphons off your food as it cooks and you can clean the nonstick surface of the evidence easily after you’ve finished. Create quick meals for you and your partner; toasted panini's, grilled chicken, charred steak, all in a matter of minutes. This machine isn't necessarily designed for creating toasties so be careful overfilling your toasted sandwich with cheese when using this device, it can be tricky to clean after, but for anyone wanting to grill chicken and then pop it into a panini and then back on the grill, this machine will definitely have you covered.

5. Waring W0SM1U 2 Slice Deep Fill Sandwich Toaster

For the XXL sandwich

Best for: Deep Sandwich
Power: 1000W
Features: Deep fill removable plates
Reasons to buy
+ Create a meal in a sandwich + Control the temperature 
Reasons to avoid
- Just for sandwiches 

For those who like to make a meal out of things… or in other words, take things to the extreme. There’s no point sticking to a plain old cheese and ham toastie for lunch, when this machine packs enough room to create something as extravagant as a breakfast toastie - egg, bacon, sausage, mushroom, hash brown - pack the lot in there to create the ultimate sandwich that will keep you full for hours. Once you’ve finished making your masterpiece, the plates can be easily removed and put in the dishwasher for ultimate convenience. If you are looking for a toastie machine that can create large toasted sandwiches, this is the best on our list for deep filled snacks.

6. Tefal Snack Collection Sandwich Maker

An all-in-one snack machine for those hunger pangs

Best for: Ultimate snackage
Power: 700W
Features: Removeable non stick plates
Reasons to buy
+16 plate sets to collect+Dishwasher safe

Whether it's a toasting bursting with flavoursome ingredients or sweet waffles on Sunday morning, this versatile sandwich maker is ideal for a whole host of snacks. with 16 different plates to collect, there will never be a moment where you can't rustle up something tasty with Tefal. The ready light will indicate when it's time to add your ingredients and the plates are super easy to clean and maintain. Just pop them in the dishwasher when you're done. Easy. 

7. Salter XL Deep Fill Sandwich Toaster

Get that extra filling in with this large toastie machine

Best for: Extra filling
Power: 900W
Features: Non stick, temp control
Reasons to buy
+Cool touch handles+Compact design

If you want large, deep fill sandwiches without a really bulky machine, then this Slater model could be for you. the extra large plates are able to accommodate two sandwiches, and the non stick plates mean that any filling spilled will be easy to clean up and you can remove the sandwiches without any breakage. with the temperature control you can determine just how toastie you like your bread, and melt cheese to perfection!