The best freestanding dishwashers

Save time and money on your energy bills with a handy dishwasher to do the hard work for you. Here's our guide to the best freestanding dishwashers

BEKO DEN59420DX Full-size Smart Dishwasher in kitchen

A dishwasher is a kitchen appliance that everyone needs, no matter if you're a one-pan recipe master or you live on your own and have minimal washing up. They can, without a doubt, be handy for those days when you just don't want to wash up after yourself, or if you're having guests over for dinner; and freestanding models easily slot under worktop space in your kitchen.

Check out our pick of the freestanding dishwashers for your kitchen. If you're looking for more kitchen appliance recommendations, head over to our hub page.

Things to consider before buying a dishwasher

Freestanding or integrated? 

The majority of dishwashers made as freestanding units are usually no wider than 60cm and stand a little below your kitchen countertop level. If you’re looking to save space or want to keep a certain aesthetic appeal to your kitchen, you can also get integrated dishwashers that are designed to sit behind a façade that matches your kitchen cupboards.

Check your dishwashers capacity

If you're a family of five, you're going to want a dishwasher that's on the larger side, has a few racks and can fit a fair amount of kitchenware in, so you're not having to put it on several times a day. But for those who are a couple or live on their own, a smaller model will do fine, or you could even consider a slimline dishwasher if you're being really space-savvy.

How many speed settings does the dishwasher have?

It's worth checking if there's a quick wash option on your new dishwasher, and how long it takes. It's also worth noting how many different settings there are, which can be useful for those who own nice kitchenware that needs to be delicately washed, or for those who prefer an EcoWash. 

How noisy is your dishwasher?

It's also worth thinking about how noisy the dishwasher is, especially for those who live in a flat or their bedroom or living room is right by the kitchen.

Dishwasher energy efficiency

Ranging from D to A+++, the latter being the better, your utility bills will definitely thank you later if you get a machine which is towards the energy efficient side. Also, some dishwashers have Eco-Wash settings which although may take longer, will save you money in the long run on your bills.

What do dishwashers cost?

Dishwashers can range from £200 to £1,000 (and sometimes beyond), but the more expensive they are definitely doesn't mean they're better. Depending on their capacity and energy rating, be sure to choose one which suits your needs best.


Hoover HDP3DO62DW dishwasher

1. Hoover HDP3DO62DW

The very best freestanding dishwasher you can spend your £££s on

Best for: All-rounder
Energy Efficiency: A+++
Dimensions: H85cm x W60cm x D60cm
Noise Level: 43dB
Reasons to buy
+Automatic door opening+Silent mode for night time washes+XXL basket for large pans and baking trays+Very energy efficient+Affordable
Reasons to avoid
-No low salt or rinse aid indicator 

Need a new dishwasher but don't fancy spending your entire month's wages on a decent one that'll last? This Hoover model is currently our top pick of the best freestanding dishwasher you can buy for your home. Not only does it have 16 place settings, nine programmes and a 24 minute rapid wash cycle, but it can also be connected to your phone via an app, so you can control it when you're out of the house (or just sat on your sofa in another room). It has a night programme, so that if you like to put your load on before you go to bed, the noise of the machine won't wake you up, and during the drying cycle, the door will automatically open slightly to circulate air in the dishwasher, letting your dishes part air dry. What's more? For those who are eco-conscious, there's a SuperEco setting which provides an average energy and time saving of 25 per cent, depending on the wash cycle.

Beko AutoDose

2. BEKO DEN59420DX Full-size Smart Dishwasher

This smart dishwasher takes the hard-work out of clean dishes

Best for: Smart
Energy Efficiency: A++
Dimensions: H85cm x W59.8cm x D60cm
Noise Level: 44dB
Reasons to buy
+Compatible with Alexa+Can control with an app+Sleek looking+Available in different colours
Reasons to avoid
-Need to have an Alexa to get the most out of it

Thanks to the Beko HomeWhiz app, the possibilities with this smart dishwasher are endless. It's compatible with Alexa, for a start, so whether you can't be bothered to move from the sofa or you're at the office, you can turn on the dishwasher with your voice or your smartphone. Thanks to its AutoDose software, the dishwasher can hold up to a month's worth of detergent and for each wash it'll dispense the right amount needed. Other features to note are its AquaIntense function for heavily soiled dishes and the SteamGloss programme for shiny glassware. The app notifies you when the salt needs replenishing or the filter needs cleaning, and it lets you store your favourite tailored programmes in a tab so they can be easily chosen. For smaller households, there's a half load option and it has eight other programmes including eco, baby and intensive. The best freestanding dishwasher for those who lead busy lives and want something smart to keep up with the times, we think.

Bosch SMS46II00G Freestanding Dishwasher

3. Bosch SMS46II00G Freestanding Dishwasher

A dishwasher smart in both appearance and functionality

Best for: Minimal streaking
Energy Efficiency: A++
Dimensions: H84.5cm x W60cm x D60cm
Type: Freestanding
Reasons to buy
+Height adjustable top basket+AquaSensor assesses how much water is required+Quiet
Reasons to avoid
-No alarm to alert when finished

If you're looking for smart at a realistic price, this dishwasher from Bosch ticks all the boxes. Those worried about water bills will be pleased to learn about its host of efficiency features. There's ActiveWater, which enables the dishwasher to use less water while increasing performance, and AquaSensor, which ensures the dishwasher is never using more water than it needs. With a host of automatic settings to choose from and a glass 40 degrees protective program, you'll never have to worry about ruining your best wine glasses again. Our only complaint? There's no audible alarm to alert when it's finished cleaning, but if you can look past that, it may just be the perfect dishwasher for you.

Bosh SMS53M02GB Freestanding Dishwasher

4. Bosh SMS53M02GB Freestanding Dishwasher

An eco-friendly dishwasher ideal for family households

Best for: Families
Energy Efficiency: A++
Dimensions: H84.5cm x W60cm
Noise Level:
Reasons to buy
+Child lock+Glass protection technology
Reasons to avoid
-Tray is a little small-Eco cycle is long

If you have a big family, the last thing you want to do after cooking for everyone is then wash up after them. With this dishwasher, you can load everything up and let the machine use its ActiveWater Technology to do the hard work. The door has a child lock preventing little ones from accidentally opening it mid-cycle and causing a flood, and you can load up to 132 items in one go. The trays are a little small, but as long as you don’t over-stack, it works a dream. It even has a load sensor so it will use less water when it is not completely full. Win win! This is our top pick of the best freestanding dishwasher for family households.


(Image: © Siemens)


This slimline dishwasher has a super silent option, meaning it won't wake the kids - result!

Best for: Slimline
Energy Efficiency: A++
Noise level: 44dB
Dimensions: H81.5cm xW45cm x D60cm
Noise Level: 44dB
Reasons to buy
+Programme running times reduced by 66 per cent+Interior lights+AutoProgramme control
Reasons to avoid
-Not the best looking

The standout feature on this dishwasher is the duoPower® double spray arm, which gives fantastic cleaning results thanks to better water distribution. Another great feature is the emotionLight, which makes two LEDs switch on automatically when the door is opened, a great little feature when you’re grappling about in the dark. There’s a special cycle for glassware, an extraDry option that extends the drying phase (perfect for plastic) and an anti-fingerprint stainless steel finish.

Smeg DF6FABRD Retro Freestanding Dishwasher

6. Smeg DF6FABRD Retro Freestanding Dishwasher

The best freestanding dishwasher for the most retro of kitchens

Best for: Style
Energy Efficiency: A+
Dimensions: H88.5cm x W59.8cm x D62.5cm
Noise Level: 43dB
Reasons to buy
+Looks great+27 minute wash+Available in several colours
Reasons to avoid
-Not the most energy efficient 

This Smeg dishwasher is any retro-lover's dream and it would look fantastic in a retro style kitchen. Its fastest wash is only 27 minutes and it boasts a powerful wash that ensures even water distribution. With adjustable sections you can organise the dishwasher in the way that suits your needs, from a few plates to glasses and larger pots and pans. A great purchase to match your other Smeg appliances, we think. As long as you can look past that price tag...

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