The best fish tanks to create your own home aquarium

Create a home for your fish with our round up of the funkiest fish tanks and aquariums

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If you are considering getting a fish, then picking the right tank for them is an important job. Different types of fish will get on in different environments, which is why you don’t just want to go out and buy the first basic tank you find. For example, tropical fish live well in saltwater and reef tanks, whereas your standard goldfish is quite happy in a cold and freshwater tank. 

A freshwater tank will usually range in temperature from about 72-84 degrees Fahrenheit and are usually much easier to maintain which makes them a good choice for those who are getting a fish for the first time. Marine aquariums are for the more advanced fish keeper, and they require saltwater to ensure the fish survive, and they require much more maintenance than a freshwater tank – the fish are more sensitive to changes in the water and usually require special food.

Most fish tanks are pretty funky these days, and are just as much a part of your décor as they are a habitat for your fish. Many come with some kind of neon/LED lighting that allows you to turn your fish tank into a magical place for your fish to thrive. Many will choose to add either real or artificial corals to make the tank more sea-like for their pets. 

We’ve picked out some of the best fish tanks on the market. The tanks vary in shape and size and what features they have. So no matter what type of fish you have, we’re sure you’ll  find the perfect home for them right here in our buying guide...

Lotus Aquaria Fish Tank Set

1. Lotus Aquaria Fish Tank Set

A long fish tank with warm lighting to set the mood

Best for: Creating a natural environment
Capacity: 93L
Type of fish: Tropical
Dimensions: HWD 47x100x31cm
Reasons to buy
+ Promotes plant growth+ Easy access via top lid  
Reasons to avoid
- Requires frequent  

This extra-long tank is the perfect place for tropical fish to thrive and is designed to create a natural environment that looks good in your home too. The tank features pink-white lighting which complements the colours of tropical fish to really help them stand out, as well as promoting the growth of any plants you wish to put in the tank. Those who have this tank say the top lid is very easy to remove which makes feeding the fish and maintaining the tank easy, but due to the size of the tank, it does need cleaning regularly. This tank may not be for beginners, but if you’ve owned fish for a long time and are looking to branch out with a bigger tank, then this could be the one for you.  

Fluval Edge Aquarium: glass cube with black base

2. Fluval Edge Aquarium

A beautiful tank that has both day and night time lighting

Best for: Style
Capacity: 46L
Type of fish: Freshwater
Dimensions: HWD 56.4x43.2x36.3
Reasons to buy
+ Stylish design + Efficient LED lighting 
Reasons to avoid
- Not the best filter 

This smaller aquarium is loved for its stylish design that customers say looks fantastic both day and night. Its efficient LED lighting illuminates the tank and makes it as much an aesthetic feature as a home for your fish. The tank is fairly small at only 46L, so it has been recommended as a good starter tank, and as it is a freshwater tank it could make the perfect modern home for your pet goldfish. The filter is said to not be the best from experienced fish owners, but with regular cleaning this isn’t too much of an issue.  

Boyu Aquarium Fish Tank in black cabinet

3. Boyu Aquarium Fish Tank and Cabinet

This fish tank doubles as storage with a sleek looking black cabinet

Best for: All fish types
Capacity: 198L
Type of fish: Freshwater, Tropical & Saltwater
Dimensions: HWD 143.5x83.9x43.4
Reasons to buy
+ Suitable for all types of fish + Storage space included 
Reasons to avoid
- Takes up lots of space  

This sleek black fish tank comes with a large cabinet which can either be used for storage or for an external filter which a lot of customers have chosen to use. It has a curved glass front which is designed to allow a 180 degree view of your fish and the contents of the tank. The great thing about this tank is you can use it for freshwater, tropical or saltwater fish (not all together, of course) and there is plenty of room to customise it and make it your own. As with many fish tanks, some more experienced users prefer not to use the filter it comes with, but for beginners then the integrated filter works just fine. It does require some assembly but users have said it was easy to put together and feels very well built and sturdy.  

Marineland Portrait Aquarium Kit

4. Marineland Portrait Aquarium Kit

A compact tank that is easy to maintain

Best for: First-time fish owners
Capacity: 22.7L
Type of fish: Freshwater
Dimensions: HWD 43.3x30x29.5cm
Reasons to buy
+ Small and easy to maintain + LED lights for day and night 
Reasons to avoid
- Lights are quite bright which could be a nuisance for some  

If you’re looking to invest in your first tank, then this compact design could be a great place to start. The small tank isn’t suitable for too many fish, but with one or two this tank is easy to maintain. The design would be suitable for any room in the house, and the day and night time lighting means this tank looks good at all times. The lighting is said to be quite bright though, which may be a pain for some if this tank is placed in a bedroom.  Users love the easy-pull handle at the top which makes accessing the tank for cleaning and feeding simple, and the filter is said to be virtually silent, so if the light doesn’t bother you, then you also won’t need to worry about a noisy filter when sleeping. 

biOrb Baby Aquarium: traditional fishbowl shape with silver accents

5. biOrb Baby Aquarium

A compact aquarium for smaller spaces

Best for: Small spaces
Capacity: 15L
Type of fish: Minnow
Dimensions: HWD 33.5x33x33cm
Reasons to buy
+ Moonlight feature + Everything you need in the box 
Reasons to avoid
- Filter needs changing frequently 

For homes that just don’t have room for a large feature tank, then you can get yourself set up quickly and easily with this mini biOrb tank that is suitable for minnow-sized fish. This tank comes with everything you need to get started, including the fish food! Although tiny, this tank looks pretty and provides the perfect environment for smaller fish, making it ideal for placing on your desk or windowsill. The biOrb tank has a moonlight feature which can sense when it becomes dark and will switch the lighting to a soothing blue glow, which makes for a nice little nightlight. Due to the size of the tank, the filter does need changing every six weeks, and the water every two weeks, but for those who want to try out owning fish for the first time, this is a great place to start without splashing too much cash. 

Tetra Aquarium Starter Line Tank

6. Tetra Aquarium Starter Line Tank

A basic tank that’s energy efficient and runs smoothly

Best for: Reliability
Capacity: 54L
Type of fish: Tropical or freshwater
Dimensions: HWD 32x62x33cm
Reasons to buy
+ Sturdy build + Two easy-to-change filters 
Reasons to avoid
- Not the most stylish 

For those who are looking for reliability in their first tank, then this sturdy design with thick 4mm glass is expected to last well. Users cannot fault the tank for its efficiency, and say that the two filters are easy to change without getting your hands wet in the tank. The lid has a feeding hatch which also makes it easy to look after the fish and the LED lighting creates a nice environment for the fish to live in and for you to look at.  

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